Statistics for Blade

Cooking recipes known 2
Food cooked 2
Bosses defeated with different adventurers 31
Deep Mines: High Overseer Rotclaw kills 4
Deep Mines: Zhaakan defeated 5
Forlorn Manor: Casper kills 1
Frigus' Lair: Frigus kills 3
Hollow Tree: Cladt kills 3
Hollow Tree: Noxxara kills 3
Hollow Tree: Vilefang kills 5
Loot: Times needed on loot 3
Loot: Times passed on loot 9
Loot: Times rolled on loot 70
Christmas Ornaments hung up 1
Different Easter eggs found 18
Easter eggs found total 46
Golden Easter eggs found in Saliko 7
Golden Easter eggs found in the Snow Plains 3
Taffy: Green Taffy eaten 2
Taffy: Yellow Taffy eaten 1
Unique world events completed 5
Unique world events with gold rank 2
Valentine cards sent 1
Valentine's: Mages showered with petals 2
Valentine's: Priests showered with petals 12
Valentine's: Warriors showered with petals 2
Damage dealt 685,123
Damage taken 442,332
Different monsters analysed 3
Gold from quest rewards 24 Gold, 41 Silver
Gold from vendors 161 Gold, 77 Silver
Healing done 31,931
Healing received 137,756
Quests completed 110
Trophies earned 39
Cheese Hunt matches played 4
Knocked out by other players 3
Monster Tag battles lost 10
Monster Tag battles won 4
Number of cheese given 10
Number of cheese received 12
Total time holding cheese 40 minutes
World Events Clears Best Rating
Pot Luck 1 Bronze
Riverbank Troubles 1 Bronze
Staging Grounds 1 Gold
Storm-Force Winds 1 Bronze
The Carrotmuncher 1 Gold
Ghost Hunter Blade
of «Midnight Skywatchers»
Level 24 Warrior
Also known as ...
Blade, Champion of Ashaya
Earned on Mar 13, 2016
Ghost Hunter Blade
Earned on Feb 28, 2016