If your reading this then you want to know about me.
to start I'm a crazy guy and i like to help people. my real name is Mikey. i waz born on oct 2nd. wont tell what year i like to keep people guessing for fun. i like fishing, helping the poor, taking care of sick or abandoned animals, and hanging with friends.i also like being up at night mostly watching and enjoying stars. i mostly take after my mother from hair and eye color to her kindness to others and her anger when dealing with jerks. i waz born in virginia but raised in Oklahoma. dont smoke and never will. dont drink and never will. dont do drugs and god knows i will never try it. life is hard for my family but thats life. whats most important is friendship, family and true love.

my mother likes to tell me that true friends r the ones that like u for who u r not what they want u to be and they r true Family. and she is right.

sometimes i like to joke or what i call pulling tails but i know when i should when a joke can go to far sometimes. joke r to be funny not to hurt people. if u got a problem with my friends then u got a problem with me. so be a pal a true friend :)
i sometimes think im under a curse cuz bad things happen alot to me but i guess im just unlucky and always at a place at bad time.
if u wish to know anything else about me u can always ask.

also READ THIS CLEARLY!! I DISLIKE SHIPPING and u dont want to anger me

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