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Equipment Guide for Dungeons

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This is really cool! Thank you for making this!

Thanks for this guide~

That explains why the first few dungeons were ridiculously easy..for me..well..I had better equipment by the time I reached the dungeons XD.

Though, can you please explain where to get the items listed there? It helps alot to know form which Quest/Monster Drop/ Boss/Guardian you get it from O3O

You can check all that stuff in the item database  just look at the name or filter it to find what you are looking for.




--- Quote from: Mveh on August 23, 2016, 10:18:28 am ---Oh


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All dungeons are made so that you can beat them with equipment you got from the previous dungeon.
So, with equipment from the East Caves, you should have no major issues with the Hollow Tree. Once you got through that, you should do fine against Frigus, provided you picked up a bunch of suitable items from the Hollow Tree. XD


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