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Every now and then when I'm browsing the forums for some advice, I'll stumble across a comment that I really like and think will be useful in the future when I'm a higher level or something. Unfortunately, it can be pretty easy to lose that specific comment, especially when it's an old post where I have to dig through loads of threads to find it again. Or even worse, if it's a thread with a lot of comments, and you have to go through all the comments to find the one you're looking for.

Wouldn't it make things a bit easier if it were possible to "favourite" or "bookmark" a post? Similar to the flag button, there could be a star button that we could press to add it to our favourites/bookmarks. There could be a button on our profile that could show us all the comments and posts we've bookmarked. This would be private, of course, and the amount of bookmarks/favourites that someone gets on a post will be hidden, so we don't get people running around the forums saying "get this post to 10 favourites pls!!1"


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