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Problematic items picking - suggestion for a fix


Probably everybody had a situation in which had lots of loot on the ground and some problems with picking it if you wanted to get only some of the dropped things (I know about the R key). Very often even if I hover my mouse over an item that I want to pick and highlight it this way after clicking I get the thing that was placed behind it. It is especially problematic when you got limited space in your bag and need to pick for example some quest items. The only thing you can do then is to throw something out to be able to pick that up. I browsed the game manual and the forum and did not find any options that would "assist" the player in picking the loot, so here are my 2 suggestions:

1. Add a hotkey that would force-open the menu of all the items that are currently on the ground, so you could choose what do you want to pick;

2. Maybe even add an option like "pick all items of this type".


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