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New Charm for Fire Mages


Okay so I just got this super neat idea and I am fairly sure no one else has thought of it yet, or at least posted it on the forum. Imagine embers as an AoE that puts undamaging Burning Embers on all the enemies within it for three secs. This sets up insane ignites against rlly grouped up mobs. The amount of damage the embers will deal can be adjusted, but I set it to the most minimal baseline I could (no dmg). This charm would be used as a PvE tool in which large groups of relatively weak mobs can just get annihilated cheaply while also providing a massive burst of mana regen (looking at you guys, Jungle Skitterers). Even being able to hit two enemies with the AoE embers would already set up such a ridiculous ignite, which is why the duration is very short, but not so short that ignite might not get to be casted. The CD of embers would probably need a bit of work too, ig around the CD of ignite, so seven seconds? Does this seem balanced or does it ruin aspects of swarm mobs? Or is it just way too good? An alternative idea would be that ignite hits all enemies with embers on them currently, so you have to take the time to cast all your embers and cannot cheat with an AoE. To make this even more balanced, ignite could just be an AoE that hits all enemies with embers in the circle? I am not exactly sure how this charm should modify the way you use ignite and embers yet, but please comment if you have any thoughts on it. Or even if you think it is waay too good bc I can see that being true as well...

This honestly seems like a really cool idea, especially considering that hunters have a somewhat similar feature with fire arrows; Fire arrows have a small chance to inflict embers on surrounding mobs. It would be nice to have more options between charms for fire mages, because while 2 seems to be enough for me, water mages can switch between 4 different charms. On the other hand, the Charm of Wandering Flame exists if you're interested in increasing the amount of area your AoE can cover for multiple mobs, like those bothersome spiderlings.

That being said, if the AoE regen from ignite weren't nerfed somehow, you'd be able to regen ~50% of your mana from a large group of mobs, and even more if you have a high magic power, which would result in a really OP charm. For example, my spirit bottles and arcane magic allow me to have 850 magic, and so I can already regen 15-20% of my mana on something like an Earth 4 mob. This charm would either have to be rather difficult to obtain, or only provide a pretty small fraction of the mana you'd receive from ignite, because a mage with a DPS higher than 1.4k could easily exploit it. I'd be really interested in seeing how this charm plays out in PvP though, because it would really help with the drain of mana that comes with battling a group of people with high HP, like warriors.


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