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More Charms for Mage :D


I am currently taking a break from Paw'D for vacation but got more great charm ideas and I felt I had to put them here. Okay, so for ice mages, I would like to address the Charm of Shattering Ice, obtainable from defeating the Elder Patriza, suggested by player selectLOL. It causes for the target and nearby enemies to take damage equal to half the holder's magic when their flash freeze spell ends. After thinking about this, I started to really see how underwhelming of a charm it is. Flash freeze for all its fantastic controlling utilities is not made to deal damage and extra damage on it goes to a real waste especially considering how the damage is being calculated, at half your magic. This makes further sense when you consider how easily ice mages can freeze enemies. Since flash freeze also has a fifteen second cooldown, you would not notice this damage at all and would be better off switching between other ice charms such as the Charm of Neverending Winter from Sakkara and Charm of Blizzard from Gyrice and Venyxia.

After considering how the Charm of Shattering Ice could be improved, as I really do believe it is a great idea to make enemies take damage upon being freed from ice, I thought why not change the text from when your flash freeze spell ends, why not just when your ice shatters? It is the name of the charm after all, "shattering ice" and not "flash freeze ending" and makes mores sense overall as a charm. Furthermore, this buff would make the charm an entirely new platform of ice mage play, allowing you to make use of your ability to deal massive AoE ice damage while also freezing enemies along the way, such as with your blizzard and frost nova spell.

"When your ice shatters, the frozen enemy takes damage equal to (insert value here) and nearby enemies take (either the same damage or a modified amount, could even be based on how far they are from the unfreezing enemy or whether or not they themselves were frozen too). This adds massive value to frost nova, used primarily to just stall large groups of mobs. Imagine if after the spell ends, the mobs all just take huge damage by being close to or stacked on each other? Same case scenario with blizzard, which also can freeze many enemies at once. This enhances the AoE aspect of an ice mage, allowing for them to stack many enemies at once, freeze them all, and then deal huge damage to them as the ice encasing them all shatters.

So that was my ice charm idea, a buff for shattering ice. And now presenting More Fire Charms bc I Love fire mages. It is my favorite set overall and I feel it could be a little more emphasized as an element. Fire by nature burns. Simple fact, and a major backbone of a fire set with burn damage spells such as embers and fire wall. Speaking of fire wall, imagine if with each hit, it applied a debuff on all enemies hit that lasts for two seconds, plenty of time for them to get hit again and stack the debuff. The debuff would reduce thier fire resistance or increase the amount of fire damage they would take, say maybe two percent? Stacking five times total, and if they reach five stacks, they take double damage from the remainder of your firewall. All stacks on an enemy are set to zero if they are not refreshed within the two second time frame. What does this mean for fire mages? A stronger fire wall, for sure, that can deal 50+ percent more damage on bosses while also making your fire spells during that time stronger as well. This applies also to enemies you can force to stay in your fire wall for long period of time.

Lastly, some ideas for fire hail charms. Fire hail is the only way for a fire mage to deal widespread fire damage, but very rarely put on main fire sets or leveled at all due to a very glaring, very punishing liability: fire hail must be channeled for the full eight second duration. Move or get interrupted, and the entire spell ends. This makes fire hail a ridiculously difficult skill to get full value out of because you might very well need to reposition midcast. I respect fire hail almost as much as I respect fire wall, and so have come up with two ideas for a fire hail charm that would make fire hail an ease to cast and thus a lot more of a keystone in a serious fire set.

Either fire hail does not have to be channeled, directly addressing the issue of needing to channel it, an equivalent to the Charm of Blizzard, could just be called Charm of Fire Hail. Alternatively, the skill is given a ten second cooldown and its channel time is halved to four seconds, doubling the rate at which it unloads damage. Both charms make the channeling of fire hail much less of a burden, making it a more on demand and flexible skill that can be used in the moment without fear of getting hard punished.

Well, that is all I have for now, but seriously, the Charm of Shattering Ice is in desparate need of the rework mentioned, it has a lot of potential, is a great way to reflect the identity of an ice mage, and is somewhat deadweight with its current effect.


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