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Saving Rina

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I am currently trying to save Rina alone (mostly because no one will help me) and she keeps knocking out x_X. I tried to feed her a potion but it made me drink it instead. Can you make Rina potion-feedable?

Yeah, I want to earn the trophy Scaredy Cat really badly. In order to do that, Ineed the spirit thingies to attack me, and I climb up the tree. Rina follows me to fight the spirits, wh chtakes a lot of damage from BOTH of us. So either I die or she dies :T

For one, I'd suggest trying it with more than one person, I'm sure someone would be happy to help XD *cough*me*cough*
Also, priests can already heal her if needed, so you could possibly ask one. Just an idea :P


--- Quote ---I am sure someone would be happy to help you *cough*me*cough*
--- End quote ---
Dazz can you help ? :P

Well...someone can help, but I could as well? XD
I dunno, I'm not really busy atm, so :3 Of course


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