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You should be able to delete a discussion you made.

Hi Day,

I am a little wary about that - in a perfect world where you can trust everyone, sure, no problem, but this is the Internet. The problems I have with it are:

- Someone posts a topic, a lot of useful info is added by other players, and then the topic-starter just deletes it.
- Someone posts a topic, harassing another member, and then deletes it before a moderator sees it. I'll have to check how much SMF actually logs, but from what I've seen it's very very little.
- Someone posts a question that might be interesting for other players in future - it gets answered, and then the topic-starter deletes it.

At least from my experience, very few sites let you do that. DeviantArt doesn't - you can't even edit your posts, much less delete them. WoW forums don't let you do that either. Of course, they're not the cure-all, but it tells me that it's commonly not done - and probably for a reason. ;P

That said, if you want any of your topics locked, I can do that - just let me know (you could report your own topic? I'd imagine that works). ^^


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