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[Fixed] Fliffy bug


I was playing the other day as my mage, and i used what i think is either embers, and used it on a fliffy. It was sleeping, and didn't do anything but sleep even as it became crispy. But when i did the same to a fliffy which was up and running, it would go after me. I'm not sure if this is with all fliffies and other creatures or such which are sleeping, but it was kinda funny.

Nice catch, Kitson!

Damage over time effects did not wake up sleeping monsters - I have fixed that, and the fix will be included in today's update.

Oh i found it way earlier. I just didn't know it was a bug :P

Monsters that don't retaliate and let you kill them, if you attack them in a very specific way? Yeah, definitely a bug. ;P

Sounds like they liked getting hurt. ahahahaha! XP


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