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Change Log: July 31


I'll start. XD

July 31

General Changes

- Non-pet monsters that side players (such as the Schwartzwald General) will now run through their entire hate table for possible targets, before they give up and reset. (Thanks to all who participated in helping to find this.)
- Players should no longer show up having the wrong guild after switching characters. (Reported by Maddy)
- Avatars are now generated automatically when the game client deems that user is not in or close to getting into combat.
- - You can type /char to generate it manually, based on your current character.
- Frigid Spirits now drop Greater Spiritual Herbs at a low chance.


- Player ratings are now considered when composing a group.
- Forfeiting a battle now gives a rating penalty.

July 30


- The Ancient Relic is no longer immune to magic. Instead, it has a 70% magic resistance. (Suggested by Daymare)
- GvG does not end until the full four minutes given to players to raid the castle have expired.
- - Treasure chests keep spawning until GvG ends. If the castle is captured early, players are therefore able to gather additional chests and rewards.

Yay! Now I don't have resort to punching the relic for 15 minutes anymore :3

True X3

70% magic resistance is still quite a bit - I need to pay more attention this day and see how much my petal rain actually hits it for. XD


--- Quote from: Bramble on July 31, 2011, 10:23:28 pm ---Oh squee :3
Now I dont have to do my fail 7 damage anymore while getting killed one hundred times ;D

--- End quote ---

Pff, did you ever actually get past to the relic? XD I remember always catching you waaaaay before that!!


Oh yes? I wanna see! XD
Cap my castle, I dare you!! ;P


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