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Change Log: August 1

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General Changes

- Flash Freeze and Nightfall now have a 15 second cooldown (as Bash does). (Suggested by Caydence)
- Players can now "/group" to create a new group without inviting anyone yet. Furthermore, typing "/group name" creates a named group; that name is presented to players that are invited. (Suggested by Bramble)
- Channel names are no longer case-sensitive.


- The end-of-battle report now includes damage taken for each player. (Suggested by Fluffeh)
- - In addition, its entries are now sorted by damage and healing done. (Suggested by Caydence)
- The entries in the end-of-battle report are now coloured by team assignment.
- It is no longer possible to zone into a closed battleground. (Reported by Caydence)
- Team assignment now uses finer rating classes to decide what team a player goes into. (Suggested by Dawnrise)
- Target bars of both teams are now shown upon joining the battle for Schwartzwald castle.

And you didn't reload!!


Yeah, I saw that! It was pure irony - the very day I say you're never in the relic room, you actually break the relic. XD

Did you screenshot it? ;P

Ugh, I keep missing TvT XD Hopefully I can get on tomorrow and see all these new changes >3

Lol, I'm on the change log. 8D That was a good first TvT with my warrior. ;3


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