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Since there are a lot of new players, I decided to write a small guide, hopefully it will help.

How to be a tank warrior:

The tank is a warrior with defensive skills, you need to keep the aggro of the boss, or else it will focus other players, that's why you need to be resistant and strong.

Essential skills you need: Toughness, Bash, Charge, Smite, Taunt, Shattering Strike, Burning Determination, Defensive Stance.

It's a good idea to have additional damage besides your melee attack and shattering strike, a good option you can use is Bite, Swipe or Slash if you want, Improved Bite actually works for tanks. You can fix your set with any other skill you want, like Endurance, also, you don't need to max all of the essential skills, like Bash, level 1 works.

Basic strategy: You need to have Defensive Stance active, most of the time tanks go first when it's time to fight, it's your job to pull the boss and get the aggro, use Shattering Strkie to keep the aggro, Growl if there are mobs around, so they won't attack another players and be sure to smite dangerous attacks.

How to be a damage warrior:

Damage warrior has a complete set of skills for every occasion.

Essential skills you need: Bite, Slash, Adrenaline Rush, Battle Cry, Thrash, Natural Fighter, Charge, Smite, Battle Stance.

Depending of your fighting style, you can choose another skills, like Swipe for mobs, Focused Strike for single target, also, it's a good idea to get some defensive skills too, like Toughness or Bash.

Basic strategy: You need to have Battle Stance active, your main attack is Thrash, use it everytime you can, but you can also combine it with Slash, some skills will increase your attacks like Bite or Battle Cry, you can deal powerful combos with other skills, like Focused Strike, and help the tank with Smite.

How to be a healer:

The healer keeps the players alive, that's why you need to know the different stuff for healing.

Essential skills you need: Revitalise, Heal, Revive, Bond of Healing, Nightfall, Cure Poison, Emerald Shield, Serenity.

As healer, your main skills are Revitalise and Heal, but you need to be prepared for everything, and with time, you can get different skills like Healing Springs, Song of Harmony or Healing Winds, also, you don't need to max all of your essential skills, like Revive or Emerald Shield, you also need to be careful with some skills, watch out for your mana.

Basic strategy: Save your mana, don't cast unnecesary skills, and focus on the tank, if someone else of the group recieved a small amount of damage, Revitalise should be enough, Bond of Healing will heal you and another player, Emerald Shield requires a lot of mana, use it only when you need to, and always wait for the perfect time to revive an ally, when you need to, Nightfall an enemy, and use Cure Poison if a player is victim of a powerful poison, Serenity will restore 15% of your mana if you need it.

How to be a poison priest:

Poison priest is a nice addition, easy to handle and powerful.

Essential skills you need: Petal Rain, Poison, Nightfall, Leeching Poison, Poison Dust, Unfaltering Resolve.

You will be able to deal wind and poison damage, and you can also get some healing skills, like Revitalise, Heal or Emerald Shield, but it's only for support, since you need to deal damage. You also have Stir and Envenom if you want to try another poison skills.

Basic strategy: Poison is your best friend, make sure to keep the poison on your enemy, with Poison Dust you can deal additional damage, and it will help with mobs, Unfaltering Resolve will restore your mana, and you can Nightfall an enemy too.

How to be a fire mage:

This is the most common mage, if you can handle it you will be very powerful.

Essential skills you need: Fire Bolt, Embers, Fire Wall, Infernal Heat, Ignite, Mana Shield, Harvest Mana, Disrupt Magic

There are additional skills that you can use if you want, like Grace of Elements or Fire Hail, you can also bust your magic power with Arcane Might.

Basic strategy: Your Fire Bolt is your main attack, use Embers on your enemy and cast Ignite to regain some mana as long as Embers is active, cast Fire Wall on the enemy to deal more damage, or use it when there are mobs near you, you can also help against enemy spells with Disrupt Magic, use Harvest Mana to recover your mana.

How to be a water mage:

Probably the 2nd most used mage, knowing some of its powers will help.

Essential skills you need: Icicle, Artic Winds, Mist of Ice, Flash Freeze, Blizzard, Frigid Splash, Intense Cold, Mana Crystal, Mana Shield, Harvest Mana, Disrupt Magic.

Some additional skills you can get are Ice Spikes, Mana Explosion or Frost Nova, or the arcane skills too.

Basic strategy: Make sue that you have a full Mana Crystal before the fight, your main attack will be Icicle, cast Mist of Ice on the boss, this will help you to regain mana with the Mana Crystal and it will hurt the boss, use Frigid Splash too for additional damage, and Blizzard for mobs, you can support your team with Flash Freeze against an enemy, and recover mana with Harvest mana.

Additional information:

Different skills:

The priest class can be light or dark, light we have Judgement (main attack), Spiritual Regeneration (restore mana), Holy Fire, Nourish and Exorcise.
For dark skills we have Dark Bolt (main attack), Torment, Evil Land, Drain Health (you can recover health), Life Tap (gain mana in exchange of life), Terrify, Possess and Spirit Strike.
Something else about the priest is that they can buff allies with Blessing of Speed, Blessing of Fortitude, Inspiration and Elemental Ward, you are also allowed to cast Curse of Slowness, Curse of Silence and Protection of Nature.

The mage class can be wind or earth too, for wind we have Thunderbolt (main attack), Overcharge, Overload, Lightning Bolt, Wind Burst, and Lightning Rod (restore mana).
For earth skills we have Earth Spike and Spike Trap, the peculiarity of earth skills is that you are allowed to cast runes, like Rune of Power, Heavy Rune, Rune of Wisdom and Rune of Warding.
Something else about the mage is that you can use Teleport, it allows you to go to different places after you use Bind Earth.

Different class:

There is a 4th class, the hunter, however, you need to accomplish certain objectives to become one.

Keep in mind:

Each class needs different items, with time and after doing advanced dungeons you will get powerful items for your class.
Check your stats, you need specific stats for each class.
Don't forget about Spirit Bottles, they can give you different skills, or increase some of your stats.

I mostly play as a warrior, so my knowledge about other classes are rather basic.

I like to keep things simple for my warrior.

I prefer a high DPS character. So I max out Thrash and Slash. Thrash is going to be your greatest damage dealer, while slash is going to do continuous damage  over a period of time.  I continuously spam thrash, while refreshing slash every 10 seconds.

I also heavily rely on  on Bash and Smite. Both can disrupt spells - though many bosses are immune to bash.

I also like to use burning determination, which increases your defense for a little while. You use this when the healer is in trouble, and your health is low. It's also very useful in TVT, when many players are targeting you at once, or you want to force your way through their blockade.

I also max out natural fighter. It's a passive ability which increases your chance of reducing fury for a skill.

The other skills I often rely on are battle cry,  taunt, and charge.

The rule of thumb I go by are simplicity, and maxing out skills. Putting points into everything just reduces the effectiveness of them, and uses up your fury, leaving you somewhat under powered.

As for stats, I focus on strength, agility. I also put some points into dexterity and stamina. Just to note, strength only adds half a point to your attack. This is important to remember when selecting armor/gloves to put on. Attack stats represent the actual amount of attack power you get from the item, while you will have to half the strength to find it's actual attack power.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that all enemies have an assigned element - which you can find with the analyzing skill. That basically means they are strong against some element while weak against others. for example, earth is weak against fire. Water is weak against wind. And Dark is weak against light. Your damage is increase by 25%. They are also strong. or weak, against other elements. For example, Fire only does 15% extra damage to dark. All this will become important when you start find gloves with elemental properties.


And I can also throw in my input for fire mage, seeing as that's my original and main class, as well as my specialty in this game. Fire elements are strong against wind and earth monsters, however, usually against neutral elements as well, mages tend to use fire.

Just a quick tip before I say anything else- generally only have one element per set (except maybe wind and earth could possibly go together, but I'd still advise against it.) For example, don't have a fire/water set. Your spells will be less effective with 2+ elements than if you just have one element on a set.

Fire wall isn't essential. In fact, my first couple of months on this game I didn't use FW at all, and instead I had invisibility and flash freeze. However, from my experience, while it isn't needed, it's very helpful, especially if you've got good enchantments and such. If you have fire wall, make sure the level is MAXIMIZED.

Fire bolt, embers, and ignite, however, are definitely needed to be an effective fire mage!
-Fire bolt is you main damage, so level it up as high as you can.
-Embers puts a status on your target that continuously damages your target. Be sure to keep it renewed! Once you get to the moonlight monastery, Gorath and Goldsnare can drop a charm that gives your fire bolt a 50% chance to renew your embers. Until you get that charm, however, you will have to continue casting embers every now and then.
-Ignite is essential for DPS. Without it, your damage per second will be very low. It also gives you back 55% of the damage dealt in mana, so you need it in order to not run out of mana.

And yes, infernal heat is also very important because it causes your fire spells to do more damage and increase your  cast speed. The knockback in firewall is also sometimes helpful (sometimes it's really annoying though.)

Infernal heat, embers, ignite, fire bolt should all be maximized. If you plan on assigning any skill points at all to fire wall, you should maximize it.

As for arcane skills, I would suggest you have harvest mana, mana shield, skip, and disrupt. Arcane focus is also really good, since it allows you cast a spell without any mana cost. Fire wall costs a lot of mana, so I suppose you could use arcane focus when your mana's full at the beginning of a boss encounter or something, but you want to save arcane focus for when you're out of mana, since you can always Arcane Focus + Ignite for some mana back. Level 1 should do for all of these skills except harvest, which I would suggest you get to level 2.

For armor stats, look for magic, mainly. For stat points, I'd suggest to assign them evenly among stamina, intellect, and dexterity until you reach 30 on all of them. Then put all your remaining points into intellect. It doesn't really matter where you assign your stats as long as it's in dexterity, intellect, and/or stamina. For every +2 intellect points, you get +1 magic.

I split some of the discussion that started about pros and cons into a separate thread. :3

Hey, nice guide, but let me add something and fix up something for the water mage.

Both warriors, dps and tank need bash and smite. All mages should have disrupt. There are 2 different types of casts, and 2 different types of cast modes.
Normal cast mode: Only a cast bar.
Protected (can not be disrupted, except the caster dies): A small shield on the cast bar.
Also, the 2 different cast types:
Physical: can be disrupted by smite and bash.
Magical: can be disrupted by smite, bash and disrupt.
*Disrupting arrow from hunters count as smite
**Priests have curse of silence, works on physical casts, too
***Smite, bash and arrow do need to deal at least 1 damage to work. If they deal no damage, no disrupt/stun.
****Some monsters (like bosses) are immune to stun effects, if they aint stunned bash wont work on them.

For water mage, your point with mist of ice is right. But it does not regen mana by doing damage. If you are standing in any friendly mist of ice, your spells regen more mana for your crystal, depending on the mist of ice level. There it does not matter if the mist of ice is made by you, or someone else in your group.

For mana regen with water:
Icicle will regenerate some mana, same with Frigid Splash (that can hit more targets, more targets = more mana).

The mana crystal stores 25% of your max mana when casted. You should add buffs before you cast it, like Inspiration or something else that increases your int > more max mana. The crystal stores up to 33% of your max mana. Each usage will drain 25% of your max mana from it. If it has mana left, the crystal survives and can be charged and used again. If not, it dies and its gone.

I can add later how light priest and wind mage works if you want.


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