About Paw'D

Paw'D is a massively multi-player online roleplaying game, but if you read the Features page, you probably knew that already!

It is written in Flash, letting you play the game right from within your browser, without having to install anything else - except the Adobe Flash Player of course. It is compatible with Adobe AIR, and so can be made into apps for Android or iOS if needed. It has been inspired by many games that I played before and love, in particular Gravity's Ragnarok Online, Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV, and Blizzard's World of Warcraft. For drawing I use a Wacom tablet and openCanvas 3.

The boss fights, quests and battlegrounds are all implemented with an event-based scripting language. Mostly event-driven, because it lets you set very tight and precise constraints if necessary (that bridge in the monastery will collapse exactly when your time is up), but mostly it works with waypoints and area triggers (so the character you escort could get attacked unexpectedly by a monster that I didn't anticipate, and the script will just continue when it the escortee returns to its previous route - or reset, if you let it die XD).

The scripts are running on an authoritative server written in C, which supports all features you would expect from a modern MMO - from instances, over battleground queues with automated team matching, to social features such as groups, guilds, guild banks, alliances, guild battles and much, much more. There are no cheap tricks: an invisible or stealthed character is not simply hidden by the client, but the server stops sending updates to other characters that cannot see it. The team matching isn't just a FIFO queue, but actually tries to be smart about it, tracking past and recent performance in the various battlegrounds, and team composition before deciding on a group. I have time implementing Paw'D, so I do my best to do it properly.

Since content is offloaded into scripts and database, you can pretty much see it as a generic MMO server. If you are not into my art style, or think robots and tanks would be more appropriate, it is easy to grab a pen, or your favourite rigging tool, and replace the graphics, NPCs, game mechanics, characters and object resources with something of your liking - aside from the artistic work you have for creating and animating all the objects you want to use.

About myself - I am was a computer science student, so I am 'fluent' with the various languages you might run across, from C(++) over C# and Java, to Prolog, JavaScript (and the various frameworks), PHP and Perl, with some Assembly sprinkled on top. Same goes for other techniques and tools, I have worked with many of the common operating systems, from Windows, over the various Linux flavours (which I also maintain servers of), to MacOS. I've implemented with Oracle, SAP, Lotus and other tools you might not readily see around. You can particularly interest me with network and game-releated discussions, even if it plunges deep deep into theory, game economics, abstracting big pictures and algorithms, but it's certainly not limited to that. I speak English, German and Italian, all of these fluently, and have basic command of Slovenian, in that I can understand what you want, but have to respond in another language. I like programming, and if I'm not drawing or researching for uni, you'll find me bicycling or playing the piano.