Terms of Service

These are the Terms of Service that you are shown when starting a new account. You must agree to the Terms of Service to play.

(Last change: Dec 22, 2022)

Terms of Service

This page explains the Etiquette and the Privacy Policy. You can access it under "Terms of Service" in the game description. You need to be at least 13 years old to play this game. If you are twelve years or younger, you must decline these Terms of Service.

General Etiquette

Paw'D is a multi-player game. Please respect your fellow players, so that it can be fun for everyone. Be friendly, be nice, and don't cause trouble. Players of different age, ethnics and backgrounds may be playing at the same time as you, so refrain from using language that is obscene, vulgar, racist or otherwise objectionable. Do not spam, scam, harass, threaten or discriminate. The game client uses a simple word filter, however this fact does not excuse excessive swearing or anything detailed above. If someone is rude, asks you for personal information, or does something else that makes you feel uncomfortable, please report them by typing "/report charactername" or clicking on "Help" and "Support", and detailing the situation. You can also click their name in the chat box, and then select "Report Player".

Gameplay Etiquette

You agree that you:

  • - will not exploit errors or glitches that give you an unfair advantage over others. Instead, please report them by clicking "Help" and "Support".
  • - will not use cheats, hacks or anything else that modifies the game or its presentation.
  • - will not disrupt the service or other players' game experience. As an exception, you are welcome to try and crash or freeze the server. However, once you succeeded (or failed), you are to report the issue and cease in exploiting it further to interrupt gameplay.
  • - will not use underhanded tactics (such as bidding on your own auctions to increase their price).

Naming Policy

Please give your characters 'proper' names. In particular, do not create names that consist of gibberish ('ashukd123'), leet-speak ('h4xx0r'), are offensive, vulgar, names that imply actions ('TheMastaPwner'), or that violate any of the other rules. This also applies to pets, as well as guilds. Do not impersonate other players of staff. Character names that include titles ('Guild Master', 'Game Master', 'Officer', etc.) or names of notable non-player characters in-game ('Field Bug Leader', 'Bluebell', etc.) may not be used. If you are found to accidentally pick the name that is also used by a monster or a notable non-player character, you may be given the option to rename your character.

Chat Etiquette and Advertisements

In addition to the General Etiquette above, you agree that you:

  • - will not spam chat, by sending excessive amounts, repeated or nonsensical text to the chat channels.
  • - keep drama out of public chat channels. Behaviour that becomes a nuisance for a large number of players will be actioned: using a channel seen by dozens for drama involving a mere two players is not acceptable.
  • - will not advertise other games that you have an affiliation with. While our staff enjoys playing many other games, breezing into someone else's work to lazily siphon off part of their efforts for yourself is a very low move.
  • - will not lure players on websites with the intent to steal their accounts, or make them (in)advertently install software that a common person would see as malicious.

Game Master Relations

Staff ("Game Masters") can help you with many problems in-game, investigate glitches you found, and either provide technical assistance themselves, or refer you to a game master that can. You can reach them by clicking on "Help" and then on "Support". Game masters will never ask for your password, items, or send you links to websites. The in-game character of every single staff member will always be clearly marked as "Game Master" or "Volunteer Staff" in yellow letters. Game masters are always able to show themselves upon request, no matter where you are, so that you can hover them and verify their affiliation. Impersonating staff is not allowed. Please report any character who implies authority or affiliation with staff, and whose name is not marked as "Game Master" or "Volunteer Staff" in yellow letters, or who make up excuses to not show themselves. To report them, type "/report charactername" or click on "Help" and "Support". Should you receive mail from a game master, you will see a special notification in the centre of your screen. You can click this notification to read their mail even if you are not near a mailbox. Mail from staff shows up in light blue, as opposed to the dark blue of regular players. Game masters can not help you with levelling, hand out items or gold. Do not beg or ask for any of these; staff will generally just ignore such requests, but they may mute or suspend you if this behaviour gets excessive (see: Harassment). You are given access to a report tool, which you can access by typing "/report charactername". This tool allows you to report players who violate our Terms of Service. Do not use the report tool to file bogus reports.


Depending on the severity of the Terms of Service violation, staff may give warnings, temporarily suspend or permanently close accounts, and/or inform the proper authorities. Do not try to weasel your way through possible loopholes in the Etiquette or any other policy: Staff may close accounts for any reason or no reason at all.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is located at https://www.pawdgame.com/privacy. It details what data we collect, how we process it, and what your rights and options about your data are. Note that the game servers are located in the United States and Canada, and as such your data will be processed there. Also note that certain non-personally identifiable 'computer' information (such as the version of Flash Player (for example, 9.0) used, the operating system (such as Windows or MacOS) and the computer's internet protocol address) is automatically collected by the server. By agreeing to these terms, you consent that your data is processed as described in the privacy policy, as posted on our website. While interacting with the game world, be aware that anything your character "says" in "Public Chat" can be seen by other players that are in the same general area as your character. To talk in private, use whispers ("/w charactername"), or invite the other person to a group ("/invite charactername") and then use group-chat ("/p"). Players have the ability to file reports against other misbehaving players ("/report charactername"). In this case, enough information is stored so that our staff can investigate the report and decide whether it was valid (in which case we may store it indefinitely so our staff can review it to judge the severity of repeated offences) or not (in which case the information is deleted after a grace period of six weeks). Any information we collect will not be shared with third parties, sold, transferred or otherwise disclosed unless required by law, for example a court order or in response to a request of a law enforcement agency. In addition, we will also disclose such information if we feel that this may prevent the incitement of a crime, the implementation or the aid the prosecution of such.

The Terms of Service are subject to change at any time. While we will try our best to make you aware of any changes (such as presenting them to you again as you log in), you need to make sure you review them regularly as well.