Game Features > Combat Logs

Every battle in Paw'D can be figured out right inside the game: important abilities that a boss uses are described, and you can see the effect of any spell (positive or negative) on you. However, should something ever really baffle you - we got you covered! You can access a detailed combat log of every battle that you fought recently from your profile, which will tell you exactly what was going on.

In case you prefer a slightly more .. high level view of what happened, you can also get the combat log nicely wrapped into an interactive graph that you can filter and analyse to your heart's content.

Finally, you can store a video of your adventures! Imagine you just had the most epic fight with your friends - but just that day you didn't have your screen capture running. Don't worry, it's not too late! Simply type "/tag" before you log out, and a recording of everything that happened (starting when you logged in) will show up in your private video page (at which point you can use your favourite screen capture program to tape it while it plays back). Curious if that'll work for you? Watch a dungeon video that was recorded with tag here, or embark on your own adventurers right away.