Reference Drawing
I'm really boring so please get off my profile.
But if you want to stay, here are some random facts about me

* Even if I suck at healing I love it wayyy more than DPS
* I like to draw even though my art isn't that great
* I made a lot of weird nicknames for people (Mandar: Handy manny / Yoshisrule: Yooshoo / Aqua: Aquarius. etc)
* My favorite dungeon is Crypt; yes I can heal through it ^^;
* i like k-pop im sorry
* Probably the people I stick by the most are Aqua, Yoshisrule, Mynia and Nekoiru - even if they consider me as annoying sometimes ^^; / I'm closest with Mynia because I've known her longest and even introduced her to the game
* My favorite colors are white, pastel pink and purple

(The image shown is the most recent collab I did)

Some art collabs:

Wolf art (Remi, Melody) [I made all of it xD]:

Cursed Blanket (Aqua, Melody) [I made the walls and the blanket]: http://prntscr.com/m2gxcw

Latest Shared Screenshots

Nyran (unscaled) with my mage
From: Empethia
Taken: Feb 13, 2019
why haven't I done this yet sjwwdkwej
From: Empethia
Taken: Feb 12, 2019
Good luck LOL
From: Empethia
Taken: Feb 11, 2019
Pink gems!
From: Empethia
Taken: Feb 11, 2019
Biologist Empethia
of «The Spectrum»
Level 31 Mage
Also known as ...
Biologist Empethia
Earned on Dec 24, 2018
Ghost Hunter Empethia
Earned on Dec 19, 2018
Empethia the Explorer
Earned on Dec 10, 2018
Empethia, Champion of Ashaya
Earned on Dec 1, 2018