Statistics for Foxx

Alchemy recipes known 7
Cooking recipes known 4
Potions brewed 1
Schematics known 1
Battle for Ashaya: Baldarr kills 5
Battle for Ashaya: Frostbite kills 4
Battle for Ashaya: Lucy and Sian defeats 4
Battle for Ashaya: Sakkara kills 3
Bosses defeated with different adventurers 40
Deep Mines: High Overseer Rotclaw kills 3
Deep Mines: Zhaakan defeated 3
Frigus' Lair: Frigus kills 4
Hollow Tree: Cladt kills 1
Hollow Tree: Noxxara kills 1
Hollow Tree: Vilefang kills 1
Loot: Times passed on loot 101
Loot: Times rolled on loot 53
Moonlight Monastery: Celeah kills 3
Moonlight Monastery: Gorath kills 3
Moonlight Monastery: Nyranthix kills 2
Moonlight Monastery: Terechia kills 3
Candy Corn eaten 4
Players bitten as zombie 17
Taffy: Red Taffy eaten 8
Taffy: Yellow Taffy eaten 1
Unique world events completed 7
Unique world events with gold rank 5
Bluebells protected 1
Damage dealt 5,938,336
Damage taken 1,602,020
Different monsters analysed 205
Gold from quest rewards 126 Gold, 91 Silver
Gold from vendors 210 Gold, 55 Silver
Healing done 57,040
Healing received 767,135
Jade chests found in the Everchange Cavern 1
Quests completed 263
Treasures found in the Caves of Illusion 1
Treasures found in the Everchange Cavern 6
Trophies earned 62
Twigmoss Burrow: Snakes defeated as Caretaker 2
Twigmoss Burrow: Snakes defeated as Poisonspitter 76
Twigmoss Burrow: Snakes defeated as Protector 2
Cheese Hunt matches played 4
Cheese Hunt matches won 2
Knocked out by other players 5
Number of cheese given 5
Number of cheese received 8
Total time holding cheese 18.4 minutes
World Events Clears Best Rating
Itsy Bitsy Spiders 1 Gold
Menace in the Shadows 7 Bronze
On the Rocks 1 Gold
Poison Dews 1 Gold
Riverbank Troubles 1 Gold
Staging Grounds 2 Gold
The Carrotmuncher 1 Bronze
Ghost Hunter Foxx
of «pawggers»
Level 31 Mage
Also known as ...
Foxx the Explorer
Earned on Nov 19, 2020
Biologist Foxx
Earned on Nov 15, 2020
Ghost Hunter Foxx
Earned on Nov 3, 2020
Foxx, Champion of Ashaya
Earned on Oct 21, 2020