Statistics for Little

Alchemy recipes known 22
Cooking recipes known 11
Elixir recipes known 1
Food cooked 42
Potions brewed 6
Schematics known 2
Argan Jungle: Ragefang kills 5
Battle for Ashaya: Baldarr kills 18
Battle for Ashaya: Frostbite kills 11
Battle for Ashaya: Lucy and Sian defeats 9
Battle for Ashaya: Sakkara kills 7
Bosses defeated with different adventurers 209
Deep Mines: High Overseer Rotclaw kills 16
Deep Mines: Zhaakan defeated 18
Forlorn Manor: Casper kills 10
Frigus' Lair: Frigus kills 20
Hollow Tree: Cladt kills 14
Hollow Tree: Noxxara kills 14
Hollow Tree: Vilefang kills 19
Loot: Times needed on loot 64
Loot: Times passed on loot 524
Loot: Times rolled on loot 323
Moonlight Monastery: Celeah kills 3
Moonlight Monastery: Goldsnare killed as Poisonspitter 2
Moonlight Monastery: Goldsnare the Binder kills 2
Moonlight Monastery: Gorath kills 4
Moonlight Monastery: Nyranthix kills 1
Moonlight Monastery: Space Station clears 2
Moonlight Monastery: Terechia kills 2
Candy Corn eaten 13
Christmas Ornaments hung up 93
Christmas Ornaments taken down 66
Different Easter eggs found 27
Easter eggs found total 178
Easter nests found 5
Easter nests hidden 1
Golden Easter eggs found in Argan Jungle 7
Golden Easter eggs found in Saliko 14
Golden Easter eggs found in the Snow Plains 14
Players bitten as zombie 23
Taffy: Green Taffy eaten 4
Taffy: Red Taffy eaten 3
Taffy: Yellow Taffy eaten 6
Unique world events completed 19
Unique world events with gold rank 12
Valentine cards sent 1
Valentine's: Mages showered with petals 21
Valentine's: Priests showered with petals 5
Valentine's: Warriors showered with petals 24
Bluebells protected 73
Damage dealt 31,417,552
Damage taken 11,336,416
Different monsters analysed 412
Gold from quest rewards 266 Gold, 37 Silver
Gold from vendors 1074 Gold, 13 Silver
Healing done 17,656,859
Healing received 7,560,063
Jade chests found in the Everchange Cavern 6
Lucky envelopes found 1
Quests completed 463
Ruby chests found in the Caves of Illusion 2
Tic Tac Toe matches drawn 1
Tic Tac Toe matches lost 2
Treasures found in the Caves of Illusion 13
Treasures found in the Everchange Cavern 19
Trophies earned 124
Twigmoss Burrow: Snakes defeated as Caretaker 23
Twigmoss Burrow: Snakes defeated as Poisonspitter 63
Twigmoss Burrow: Snakes defeated as Protector 47
Battles for Schwartzwald lost 1
Battles for Schwartzwald won 1
Knocked out by other players 40
Players knocked out 27
Players knocked out in battlegrounds 23
Schwartzwald Hills battles lost 1
Siege of Brightheart matches lost 1
Siege of Brightheart matches won 1
World Events Clears Best Rating
A Frozen Hideout 2 Bronze
Argan Invasion 2 Silver
Berry Rare 1 Bronze
Hate 'em Like Poison 2 Bronze
Head Over Heels 1 Gold
Itsy Bitsy Spiders 5 Gold
Lizard Studies 3 Gold
Menace in the Shadows 6 Silver
On the Rocks 1 Bronze
Poison Dews 1 Gold
Ravenous Guests 1 Gold
Riverbank Troubles 6 Gold
Rocks and Hard Places 1 Silver
Shademoss Woes 5 Gold
Staging Grounds 3 Gold
Terrors from the Depth 2 Gold
The Carrotmuncher 1 Gold
Thin Ice 5 Gold
When Pirating Pirates ... 2 Gold
Little, Champion of Saliko
Level 39 Priest
Also known as ...
Little the Patient
Earned on Nov 12, 2017
Pack-Rat Little
Earned on Apr 26, 2017
Little The Greedy
Earned on Apr 26, 2017
Little the Explorer
Earned on Jan 10, 2017
Little, Champion of Saliko
Earned on Aug 1, 2016
Biologist Little
Earned on Jul 30, 2016
Ghost Hunter Little
Earned on Jul 21, 2016
Little, Champion of Ashaya
Earned on Jul 9, 2016