Reference Drawing
(Art drawn by Soliani/Dakota, posted as of Mar 16, 2019)

Hi there, I've pretty much been a player since late April of 2014. I've still got a knack for stat calculation and recording information. Some say that I'm a wanderer or traveler of sorts - so allow me to impart my wisdom to you whenever you need it. Sometimes, I come on, others I work on expanding the game's wiki. I dream of having a complete and working guide for the new players that come to visit the wiki.

Update: I will be busy for the next several months. I am unlikely to appear on Paw'D. If you need to reach me, please reach me through Discord. My username can be found below (under Fun Little Things). During this time, editing the wiki, updating the paw'd tools and progress on any custom maps will be slower.

Update 2: I have decided to take a long hiatus from Paw'D. You can still reach me through Discord to ask any questions. However, I won't be managing any wiki pages from now on. In addition, due to my standing as is, as a moderator in-game only and a fellow player of the community, I am banned from the forums (unlike any normal player, I need permission to post or reply to a thread, which I will never get). Therefore, I am currently unable to answer any questions that may be addressed there.

Pets Guide: https://goo.gl/QYVFWe
Skill Planner: https://goo.gl/CXbHkd
All-In-One Stat & Equipment Calculator: https://goo.gl/7pNZ8J
Quest Diary and Time Tools: https://goo.gl/SsNVfM
Paw'D World Map: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G62rLuMFPDSTnRj7dLmAyv30tnTYAnmkhIemyOWyHKY/edit?usp=sharing
Custom Map/Music Archive: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zsaKMIhCeTfS18SZjGuu84BNXaK6IT55GBQ5zNFK8n0/edit?usp=sharing
Spirit Bottle (based off of Orly's list) & Arrow List (based on Luka's list):

Ultimate Mage Guide:

Luka's Arrow Profit/Calculator List + World Events List:


Main Class:
- Mage (Lvl 42) [Ice/Fire (mostly Ice with Blizzard and FW, drop 1 in IC), Fire (drop Embers to 1 for FH), Wind/Ice (typical wind set w/o OL and WB, includes FS from Ice), and Earth (utility set with invis/tele)]

Other Classes:
- Priest (Lvl 42) [Wind/Poison, Light, Full Healing, and Dark Healing (has Life Tap lvl 2 at cost of Heal/Surge/DC)]
- Warrior (Lvl 42) [Attack (has Swipe at cost of Bite lvl 5), Attack (focuses on Bite and Swipe at cost of Thrash), DPS Tank (trades Shatter for Bite + IB), Full Tank]
- Hunter (Lvl 40) [Bowman (has Shower and Pierce), Marksman (has Sharp and Pierce), Ranged & Pet (min pet skills at cost of no mobbing skills), and Trap Specialist (utility set with min FS and Eagle Eye, rest to max Traps)]

Been with LoTR [Rank: High Priestess] (and MSW before the guild switched over) for a while before going onto TLD [Rank: Wyvern]. Helped Lotus form the original TLD (while it was still good) in the shadows as a watchdog.


Fun Little Things:

- Pronouns: He/They

- Favorite Equipment: Leather Cap (from Hollow Tree), a Dewdrop Amulet (Lily's quest from Blackwood Caverns), and a Golden Flower Tailring (from the easter shop)

- Fun Fact: I always have both Flash Freeze and Arcane Might maxed on each one of my Mage skill sets.

- My Custom Pattern was made by the efforts of both:
* Lilac (their original dA name is Marlemere) who came up with the reference/design
* Rain [also known as: Rainpath/Cele] (their original dA name was Celestites) who filled in the psd template, thus creating my pattern for the game.

- Wiki Profile Page: https://www.pawdgame.com/wiki/User:Localguest

- Discord: localguest#8206

Latest Shared Screenshots

FW Blizzard (charm) Test in Healer Gear
From: localguest
Taken: Jan 27, 2021
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Custom Map - Toy Castle (map code: 61885a1)
From: localguest
Taken: Dec 6, 2020
From: localguest
Taken: Dec 6, 2020
Professor localguest
of «Twilight Dragons»
Level 42 Mage
Also known as ...
Treasure Hunter localguest
Earned on Jun 7, 2020
localguest the Grim Reaper
Earned on May 27, 2020
localguest, Hero of Argan Jungle
Earned on Mar 16, 2017
localguest the Patient
Earned on Sep 8, 2016
Professor localguest
Earned on Dec 12, 2015
localguest, Champion of Ashaya
Earned on Oct 1, 2014
Alchemist localguest
Earned on Jul 14, 2014
Biologist localguest
Earned on Jul 1, 2014
localguest, Champion of Saliko
Earned on Jun 21, 2014
localguest the Explorer
Earned on Jun 20, 2014
Demon Slayer localguest
Earned on Jun 19, 2014
Ghost Hunter localguest
Earned on Jun 13, 2014
Pack-Rat localguest
Earned on May 5, 2014
localguest The Greedy
Earned on May 4, 2014