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« on: June 14, 2020, 02:36:07 am »
I was killing the Manaslicer sisters in the Temple of Trials with a few friends, then I had an idea about a dungeon boss. A snake (optional ) appearing first as a "Coil Of Rope". Double-clicking the Rope will make it slowly unfurl to reveal a Snake boss. Poison   4/Earth 2 could be it's Element, classified as a Brute. It could have: Puncture Lv. 4, Poisonous bite Lv.6, Poison bolt Lv.5, Earthspike Lv. 7, Poison Dust Lv. 3, Poison Patch Lv. 3, and Seeping Poison Lv. 1. I don't know what dungeon it could be in. But it could be:
Moonlight Monastery, next to a Gorath Whelping as Lv. 32+,
Twigmoss Burrow, next to the Old Bucket as Lv. 29+,
Cursed Farm, under the staircase, next to Blu as Lv.33+.
Or it could be a Free-for-all, at:
Saliko, next to the Magpie nest at Lv. 26+, only appearing at Halloween,
Ashaya, the bottom of the Exile camp at Lv. 25+,
Or Midnight Mountain, next to Kiu at Lv. 28+.
Note that at all of these locations, it will NOT attack you until unravelled.