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« on: October 13, 2020, 03:07:37 am »
Happy October to anyone who's reading this! It's almost Halloween so I thought of a few armor/maybe quest ideas that are season-related.

Armor (+drawings):
-Vampiric collar (neck)
-Wraith anklets (backpaw)
-Thorny tiara (head)
-Webbed veil (hairpin)

***Link to drawings:***

Quests (rough ideas):

     1) Most players might remember/know/meet Harrison... and his ambitious "treasure-hunting" adventures that lead his downfall. Well the wolves of Blackwood Caverns certainly must recall that strange explorer lounging around in their home. They probably wonder what happened to him after he disappeared. So maybe there could be a continuation of that quest after *spoILEr ALert* Harrison "dies". I feel like it'd be Carolyn or Andrey would be the ones to set out and look for him. Maybe one of them could send you to explore and look for clues inside of the Pyramid. Eventually the clues may lead to Pharaoh and you'd have a quest to kill him? (I know, everyone's favorittte boss) Not sure what a reward for killing a boss as big as that could be though.
     I'm also not the best at writing, but the first quest could start a little like: "Psst, remember seeing that weird guy with the goggles here the other day? Hmm, I've never seen him before. You were talking to him though right? *you explain to Andrey/Carolyn about Harrison and being knocked out in the Pyramid* Aw, the poor guy! So he's a famous explorer you say? I've always wanted to explore the world, but I'm too busy with my duties here- oh well. Were you able to see what knocked him out at least? *you tell her about the strange two-legged beings you saw* I feel bad for- what's his name again? Right. I feel bad for Harrison. What do you say about avenging our explorer friend's death? Sounds exciting to me. How about you go defeat [insert #] of those living linen things and meanwhile I'll stay here and make sure nothing attacks the caverns. Don't forget to come back and tell me how it goes too!"
     After killing [amount] of mummies, you'd come back to Andrey/Carolyn and tell them how things went. You'd explain how the mummies seemingly just came from no where. And then Andrey/Carolyn could send you back once again and tell you to look for a clue to the source of the mummies. Maybe a note could be hidden in one of the rooms of the Pyramid that you have to find. The note would somehow point towards the Pharaoh being the leader of all the chaos. Aaand then the big quest: to kill Pharaoh and bring back proof (a drop such as Pharaoh's crown)

     2) The next quest idea I have definitely isn't as big as the whole Pyramid one. I was thinking of a new quest from Tera and her giant brewing pot. After finishing the first Blackwood quests, most people don't go back to her much. Maybe she could send you to collect some Halloween-ish ingredients for a new potion she's going to brew. Whatever she ends up making could be the quest's reward. A Daredevil's Meal {item:1090} or two perhaps?
     Some possible ingredients (trying to think of items that haven't been used much/for anything yet too): Giant Eyestalk {item:2341}, Nightfern {item:1968}, Sticky Mucus {item:617}, Thick Cave Moss {item:536}, Thorny Blackberry {item:1738}, etc. Stuff along those lines... gross and the typical witch-like.

Hope you like these suggestions, they were fun to make! :D And if anyone has anymore ideas/suggestions that'd be cool to hear as well. I attached the image with the armor to this post but if it doesn't show up for some reason the link is ^^^^ under "Armor"


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« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2020, 01:46:19 am »
damn.. those are really good ideas and I love the drawings.


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« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2020, 02:54:54 pm »
When do I get to meet Harrison and unlock pyra? Also great ideas I would like to see those get implemented.


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« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2020, 02:01:55 am »
it sounds really cool ngl O_O