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« on: August 15, 2011, 06:51:33 pm »
Suggestions are great: Whether you have this awesome idea that you'd like to see added in, whether something just doesn't make proper sense the way it's now, or if something's awkward, confusing and a hassle to use - a lot of changes in-game have been made based on player feedback.
Keyboard control never existed until someone suggested it, guilds didn't exist, auction houses didn't exist. Dungeon lockout was four days, and you couldn't get titles either. All these were added based on suggestions that players such as you made.

So, if you have any ideas or suggestions - post ahead. There are few rules - I wouldn't want to hold any ideas back, so here are just a few simple guidelines that you might want to consider. Keep in mind, none of these are set in stone; suggestions may still be implemented if they warrant it.

  • Suggestions are Interactive: If you suggest something, I might reply back, telling you what I think, options I am considering, or workarounds that exist. You are encouraged to refine your suggestion with what I said in mind, increasing the chance that I'll implement it. If you drop quiet in one of these cases, then I will assume that the workaround worked for you, or that you agree with my point of view and no longer support your original suggestion (which in turn will make me dismiss it).
  • No Selfish Suggestions: Suggestions that really only help a very small amount of players (such as: you and you only) are unlikely to be implemented. These require a ton of time on my part, and then benefit like a single player. I never did art requests, and this would be one. Example: "I think you should animate my fursona."
  • Avoid Fundamental Changes: Drawing over one hundred maps, ninety monsters and four-hundred items isn't done overnight. The game has been around for a bit, and by now I consider it to be in its "polishing" phase - where all the rough edges are removed, and gameplay is changed to be fluent, intuitive and representable. While I was quite open to (almost) anything at the beginning, several fundamental assumptions (that pretty much everything else bases upon) are unlikely to be changed. Doing so would mean scrapping a lot of polishing work, and starting anew. Example: "I think we should be able to fly."
  • Avoid Huge Suggestions: If your suggestion is big enough that it could as well be a whole new game, I probably won't have the time to add it in. If your suggestion would keep me busy for three weeks of my life for no compensation (except maybe your gratitude), then it must be a really really good and needed suggestion to be added in - and even then it may be delayed until all the other things suggested first are implemented. Example: "I think you should make a holiday island where you arrive on a ship, with bars and hammock and a nice beach. Oh, and ice cream! You should be able to mix your own flavours of ice cream. Think you can do that?"
  • No Nonsense Suggestions: Suggestions that make no sense whatsoever and that aren't reasoned for are unlikely to be implemented as well (and more likely to just be closed). I usually have plenty of work at my hands, and I don't find them particularly funny. Example (yes, this was suggested): "Lol Im board u should make fartles fartles lol i like the word fartles lol".

Anyhow, those are pretty much all guidelines I can think of for now. :3 Happy suggesting!