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Battlegrounds are team-based (and often referred to as Team vs. Team, or TvT) maps created for a group of contestants. Players can queue up for any of them, by clicking on "Game" on the top of their screens, then on "Queue", and then selecting the appropriate battleground. Once enough players are queued (usually eight), everyone is teleported to the battleground. Defeating players in battlegrounds does award experience points, based on the level of the defeated player. At the moment, there are five different battlegrounds:

  • Elyssia Ridge (also referred to as CTF) - a classic capture the flag battleground
  • Saliko Outlands (also referred to as SO) - a domination style battleground
  • The Battle for Schwartzwald Castle (also referred to as TvT) - a king of the hill style PvP event that starts once a day at 6:00 ET.
  • Siege of Brightheart (also referred to SoB) - a battleground in which both teams take turns in attacking and defending Brightheart
  • Cheese Hunt (also referred to as CH) - a tag match, in which players try to avoid getting tagged by whoever has the cheese ("it").

Random Battleground (also referred to as RB or RBG) can be any of the above (except the Battle for Schwartzwald Castle).


  • The teams for each battleground are selected by the server.
    • In Cheese Hunt, there are no teams, so you are by yourself. Some players choose to ask a friend to alliance.
  • After the end of each battleground, you are able to see everyone in that battleground's statistics. Many of the battleground's statistics shows the quantity of your KO's (how many times you knocked players out), KB's (how many times you were knocked out), Caps (This is different in every battleground. For example, in The Battle for Schwartzwald Castle, it displays how many times you captured the relic), Saved (Like caps, this is different in many every battlegrounds. For example, in Elyssia Ridge, this displays the amount of flags you returned to your base), Damage (how much damage you did), and Healing (how much healing you did.)
    • In Cheese Hunt, since it is a tag type of PvP, it does not show these statistics, since you are not supposed to kill in that battleground. Instead, it shows information about how long you held the cheese, how many times you held the cheese, etc.
  • At the end of each battleground (except Cheese Hunt), you are rewarded with Token of Honour. The quantity you receive depends on your participation/how well you did in each battleground.
    • You can spend these tokens at the Schwartzwald Shop.
  • On the 'Battles' tab, if you click the 'PvP Stats' button, a tab opens up with all of the battlegrounds. This shows your wins, loses, and rating for each battleground.
    • The rating depends on how well you have been doing in each battleground. If you win a lot of a certain battleground, you are more likely to have a higher rating. If you lose a lot of a certain battleground, then you are more likely to have a lower rating. These ratings will help the server pick the teams, to try and make it balanced.
  • In each battleground (except for CH), you can talk to your teammates by using a chat specifically for your team. If you type in "#BG" into the "Send To" field to the right of the chat box, this allows you to communicate with your teammates. This chat is useful for planning out strategies with your team.
    • The other team will not be able to see what you say in your #BG chat.
  • If you talk in #Main, #Guild, etc. during a BG(except for CH), only the players on your team and the non-participants will be able to see what you say.