Dungeon Reset

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A dungeon reset refers to the event when all the monsters inside a dungeon respawn, as in, the dungeon resets to its original state. There are two types of resets in Paw'D:

  • During a soft reset, all regular monsters inside a dungeon will respawn, however bosses that were defeated will not. A soft reset occurs if everyone in your group leaves the dungeon for at least 30 minutes. You can also manually initiate a soft reset if the original leader of your group types "/reset" in their chatbox (note that everyone has to leave the dungeon for that). A successful reset after typing "/reset" is acknowledged with a message in your chatbox, if you do not see anything, someone else of your group was the original leader and needs to type "/reset". You can also start a group with a different leader, which has a similar effect to a soft-reset.
  • During a hard reset, the dungeon fully resets - any events reset, any monsters and any bosses respawn. A hard reset occurs a set time (usually 20 hours) after the first boss has been killed. If a group is inside a dungeon when a hard reset would occur, the hard reset is performed together with the next soft reset. You can delay a hard reset by typing "/dungeons" to see all dungeons you are bound to, and then clicking whichever dungeon you want to prevent from resetting. This will delay a reset for 12 hours.

Important: If are still in the dungeon when the hard reset would occur, and you defeat any bosses in that dungeon without letting it reset, you will be bound to the same dungeon instance again.