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Fury is the primary resource for Warriors. Virtually all of their abilities, such as "Bash", "Thrash" or "Smite" use fury.

Fury starts out at zero. By using auto-attack, dealing and receiving damage, fury increases, up to a maximum of 100. Because of that maximum, reaching 100 fury is not desirable, because any additional fury that you would have gained is lost. Once you have enough fury, it is a good idea to use it by executing a certain ability, and make room for more fury.


  • If you are not in combat, your fury gradually goes down.
  • Even if you miss, or your attack is blocked, you gain fury.
  • You can use the "Offensive Stance" and the "Defensive Stance" abilities to adjust how you gain the most fury:
    • While in offensive stance, you gain additional fury for dealing a lot of damage to your enemies.
    • In defensive stance, you gain additional fury for blocking attacks from your enemies.
  • Receiving the green gem from Noxxara increases the maximum fury you can store from 100 to 105.
    • This limit can further be increased to 110 by obtaining the Guardian Stone of Water in the Snow Plains.
    • By obtaining the Guardian Stone of Light found in the Argan Jungle, your fury is further increased to 115.
    • Obtaining the Guardian Stone of Life found in Blackwood increases your fury from 115 to 120.