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Map Codes are used as keys to allow others into custom maps. After you created your map, you can talk to certain NPCs, who will let you enter any map you made, and also give you a map code. This map code can then be shared with friends as an invite to a custom-made map.

Currently there are three NPCs that allow players to input map codes:

  • Alyshia, Mayor of Saliko Village;
  • Benjamin, Mayor of Ashaya Village; and
  • Roc, a Forest Spirit of Argan Village.

How to use Map Codes:

  • After clicking one of the above NPCs (assuming they don't offer a quest), the option 'I was told a secret code ... ' will be offered.
  • Click on that option, then an input field will appear.
  • Paste the Map Code you were given into the field, then select "Join" so enter the map.
  • Once in the map, have fun!
  • Remember, you can return to the main game by typing /return in your chatbar.

It does not matter which NPC you go to - for example, whoever made the map can talk to Alyshia, and you can tell the code they gave you to Roc.