NPC: Acolyte Thomas

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For the Blackwood NPC in Blackwood Caverns - Room 6, please see Thomas.

Acolyte Thomas, standing in front of the chapel.

Acolyte Thomas is an NPC located at A Plateau in Saliko Forest. He is always standing in front of the chapel, with a clock tower on it.

Quests Involved In


  • No Love for Magpies (repeatable)


Part of Save the Apples quest line

  • An Important Customer II
  • An Important Customer III
  • Save the Apples!

Part of Save the Bees & Priest Emerald Shield skill quest line

  • Orchids of the Plains
  • Sugar and Treats
  • Sugar and Treats II
  • Ensuring the Survival
  • The Strange Scroll
  • The Strange Scroll II


  • The Stolen Seal