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Use a strong password that you can remember to protect your accounts. To keep your characters safe, make sure that you never tell anyone what your password is - not even your brothers or your sisters, nor your best friends. So far, whenever an account was compromised, it was usually their sibling, or friend, who turned out not be that friendly after all. Avoid this happening to you: no one needs to know your password, and a real friend would understand that.

Game Masters do not need your password, ever:

  • Game Masters cannot see your password, so there is no point to ask for it for verification purposes.
  • A Game Master who needs to do or check something on your account, can do so without your password.

Basically, if someone asks you for your password, they are definitely not a real Game Master.

Keeping your Account Secure

Passwords are cryptographically hashed, so neither our staff, nor the server knows what it is. Make sure you use a strong and long enough password, that others cannot easily guess. Phrases where you take the first / second letter from every word, where some letters are replaced with special characters such as $ or % all make good passwords.

Changing your Password

To change your password, log in to your account, and on the character select screen, click on "Password..." in the bottom left.

Two-Factor Authentication

In addition to a password, you can also enable two-factor authentication if you have a smartphone. This adds an additional layer of security to it, since the server will ask for a code from your smartphone if it sees you log in from an unfamiliar location. Setting up two-factor authentication is quick:

  • First, install a two-factor authentication app on your phone (Google Authenticator works, and is easy to use).
  • Log in to your account, and on the Character Select screen, click on "Password..."
  • Under "More Options" select "Manage two-factor authentication".
  • After entering your password, you will be shown a code that you need to scan with your authenticator app (you should also write the recovery code somewhere).
  • To check that everything is working, enter the code your authenticator app gives you.

After that, two-factor authentication is enabled. Usually, you will not notice anything different, however, if you sign in from a different location, the server will ask you to get your smartphone, and get a code from the authenticator app. You can also select if you trust your current location - if you select 'Trusted', the server will not ask you for another code from that location for several months (otherwise, it will ask you if you log in again after 30 minutes).

To disable the two-factor authentication, simply repeat the steps you performed for enabling it, and you will be offered to disable it again. If you lost your phone, you can either set up another phone by entering the recovery code you have been given into its authenticator app, or by logging into your account from the backend (, using the recovery code when prompted.

Two-factor authentication will generally not protect you from your brother logging into your account and taking all your stuff because he knows your password (unless you don't set any locations as trusted, and keep him away for 30 minutes after you logged in). You still need a good password. Two-factor authentication protects you from someone guessing your password somewhere else in the world.

Recovering your Password and Account

If you forgot your password (or your character name), the best way to go about it is filing a support ticket (possibly on another account), using /feedback, or by e-mailing our support. In the support ticket, tell us what you need help with (if you just need to know what your account name was, or can also not remember the password either). You should also include any information you still remember: names of pets, and their levels, when you last used the accounts, if you ever received warnings from our staff and what they were for, people on your friends list, people that you ignored, other characters on that account, and their levels. The more you include, the better. It also helps if you file that support ticket from the same computer you used to play your character on.

If you posted in the forums, and set an e-mail address on your profile, we can always send you a new password there.