Quest: A Delivery

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Bring the letter to Acolyte Thomas at the chapel. To get there, walk right into the forest. Keep going right until you see a junction that allows you to go deeper into the forest. Take that junction, keep walking right. You'll get to another junction, but just keep walking right. On the map after that, go up and you'll be at the chapel.

From 12am to 1am in-game time, ghosts will be near the chapel that will kill you very quickly. For now, just avoid the map for like 10 minutes if they're there - they'll be removed or made weaker later on.

You can check what time it is on the server by a lot of ways - you can look at the clock on the chapel's tower, count the chimes if you are on the maps surrounding the chapel, look at how dark the sky is, or look if the other rabbits are sleeping - if they are, you may be in trouble.