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Skills (also referred to as 'Abilities') are special moves that adventurers can perform. Their effects differ widely - skills can deal damage, provide healing, take other characters out of battle, make you harder to detect, make you jump forward, and much more. You can see the skills your character has by opening the skill book (press "Skills" in the bottom left, or hit "K").

There are two different kinds of skills:

  • General Skills are available to every class. These include skills to call your pet, brew potions, cook, and similar, and are listed in the first tab of your skill book.
  • Class Skills are specific to the class you choose. For example, Mages will have skills to summon fire bolts, and freeze enemies, or turn invisible as specific skills. Hunters, priests and warriors have their own. These skills are listed in the second and third tab of your skill book.

In certain situations you may manage to acquire skills outside your class - for example, spirit bottles can give you the ability to cast "Blessing of Speed", even though you do not have that ability normally. These skills are shown in a fourth tab of your skill book, "Extra Abilities" (this tab only shows up if you have at least one of these skills).

Skills Levels

Each skill also has a level, which determines its strength. Generally, the usefulness of a skill of a skill increases with its level: for example, the "Bite" skill will deal substantially more damage at level 2 than it does at level 1. A skill's level can be increased by distributing "Skill Points", which you gain every time you reach a new level. The remaining skill points you have are shown at the top right of your skill book, and you can assign them by clicking the yellow arrow next to a skill.

Resetting your Skills

The skills you assign are not set in stone - you can reset them, and resetting them is cheap. Every village has one character that is able to reset skills (for example, Erik in Saliko Village) - simply talk to them, and tell them you want your skills reset.