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Your stats determine the performance of your character in battles. They are divided into primary stats, which you can directly increase using Stat points, and secondary stats, which are derived from them.

There are five primary stats. Which stats you should focus on depends on what role (healer, damage dealer, tank) you perform, and also on your style of play. The following table shows all the stats, and which roles they benefit. You can click on the name of each stat for more details:

Stat Mage Priest Warrior Hunter
Agility - - ++ +
Dexterity ++ ++ + +++
Intellect +++ +++ - -
Strength - - +++ +
Stamina + +++ ++
Symbol Meaning
+++ Large benefits, use most of your stat points on that
++ Beneficial, use the second most of your stat points on that
+ Small benefits, use it if you have stat points left over
You'll see minor benefits, but your stat points are better spent elsewhere.
- No benefits for that class - spend your stat points elsewhere.

Resetting Stats

You can choose to reset your stats and reassign them as you see fit at the cost of 1 gold. Players who are lower level have their cost reduced, and instead have to pay a couple of silver. There is usually one NPC in each village that will offer services to reset your stats.