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A dungeon where you will finish off the troubles of Ashaya Village- By facing Sakkara himself. Battle for Ashaya (often referred to as "BFA") is an encounter where you should have multiple adventurers. The recommended number(s) for this dungeon is 3-5. You will have the option to choose between Easy Mode or Hard Mode. In Easy Mode, you will not encounter Sakkara. Baldarr is not changed in either Easy or Hard Mode. Frostbite (The second boss) will give you stacks of "freezing cold" on Hard Mode. The archers for Ashaya will fire flaming arrows and create a fire pit. When you reach 3 stacks or higher, it is recommended to go into the fire. In EM, none of this happens, it's just a regular encounter. Frostbite will summon clouds that will aid him and make him stronger. Make sure to kill them. In EM, Lucy and Sian get into an encounter with Sakkara. Sakkara uses a spell which puts Sian in a stance where he can not compete, thus making Lucy having to teleport Sian away. Lucy will be a normal encounter like Frostbite and Baldarr. In Hard Mode, Sakkara will possess both Lucy and Sian. In order to succeed, you must divide your group accordingly between both bosses. Their health is split, so any damage dealt to Sian will be dealt to Lucy. After you get 5 stacks of Water from Sian and 6 stacks of Wind from Lucy, they will cast raging storm(s). You have to switch bosses to avoid being killed. After Lucy and Sian, you must travel to the front of Battle for Ashaya. There you will see Sam. Talk to Sam and he will thank you for your braveness. Then, Tanja will show up and tell Sam about Timothy and the Witch. You are then instructed to go to the witch hideout, where you will find Sakkara. Sakkara is the last boss in BFA, and the most hard, so be prepared! Sakkara has a slew of moves, such as Ice Spikes and Frostbite. Avoid these. He will possess the bats floating above him, thus making them attack you. At a later time, he will summon minions, and will drain health from them if you don't kill them. After this, he will possess a player in the battle, thus making them attack other players. When you defeat Sakkara, he will drop Ice Splinters, which you can combine to get extra health and mana, increased experience from monsters level 25 or higher, and also enchants your Water Potions from element 1 to 2.

Any setup for this dungeon will do, but it is recommended that you have a DPS, Tank, and Healer.