Deep Mines

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The Deep Mines is a dungeon located east of Saliko Village. Situated deep within the East Caves, this is the first actual dungeon you will likely encounter, using most dungeon mechanics such as encounters and binding. The recommended level for this dungeon is 10, however even a group at level 8 should not have too many troubles, as long as they know what they are doing.

While a group with at least a healer is recommended, it is possible (albeit difficult) to clear the entire dungeon alone. This feat gets considerably easier as your level increases.

Being the first actual dungeon that adventurers will run into, the Deep Mines are neither large nor difficult. They consist of two floors that players descend down into. Both floors have a boss, however the first boss is optional and can be skipped.


High Overseer Rotclaw (Optional)

High Overseer Rotclaw
Name High Overseer Rotclaw
Level 13
Classification Undead
Element Dark 4
Health 1,800
Resistances Immune to taunt

Rotclaw is located in a small alcove to the right as you descend onto the first floor, guarded by two Deep Mine Workers. His main ability is a poison dust patch that he places randomly on the ground. While standing it can be healed through, it is easy (and good practice) to avoid it and receive no damage at all. He will also cast Curse of Slowness on players.



As you approach the bottom-most platform of the second floor, there will be three Possessed Guardians and several water spirits. One Possessed Guardian will stand still, alerting the boss to patrol towards the left (if you climb back onto the pillars, he will continue patrolling the same platform, looking for the intruder).

Zhaakan is the final boss of the Deep Mines, and is located at the very bottom of the cave at the second floor. Defeating him is the objective of Sei's quest, The Curse.

Name Zhaakan
Level 15
Classification Demon
Element Water 2
Health 3,200
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, and sleep

He has two main abilities you need to watch out for:

  • Icicle: Summons an icicle above a player, which will hang in the air for a few seconds and then crash down. Running away from under it before it drops lets you avoid all damage (and is required for the Safety First trophy).
  • Frost Breath: This is a channeled frontal AOE damage spell targeted at Zhakkan's current target, that deals a high amount of water damage to anyone caught in it. You can avoid the spell by running behind him when while he is casting or channeling it, or by using Smite to interrupt the spell altogether.



  • In the first floor, it is possible to feed Rey - a small injured cave bat - with potions. If fully healed by the potions, Rey will join the group, providing healing for the first floor. Once players approach the second floor, Rey will leave the group and head for the exit.
  • High Overseer Rotclaw is the only boss where players can respawn and rejoin the fight after being knocked out, due to the respawn point being located on the same map. However, every time a player dies, Rotclaw will use Drain Spirit, healing him for a substantial amount of health.
  • It is possible to skip Rotclaw by simply running past the alcove he is in. However killing him will stop most of the zombies from respawning.
  • Watch your step in the second floor. It is possible to fall from the pillars, which causes heavy fall damage and might even knock you out.
  • Zhaakan does not have an aggro table and will simply attack the closest player dealing damage to him.
  • Remember that you should not respawn if you do get knocked out, unless your entire group gets knocked out, or you are sure that they will not beat the boss. Once you respawn, you cannot get back into the map until either the boss, or the remaining group members have been defeated, and hence you will neither be able to help them, nor be able to receive any loot.
  • Apart from that, Zhaakan should not pose much of a trouble. Keep your health and mana high, and the fight should be over in a minute or two.