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A dungeon is a special area within the game world, which is designed for several players who cooperate with each other. Portals that lead into a dungeon (or deeper into the dungeon, for dungeons that consist of multiple maps) are red, instead of blue. Upon entering a dungeon, players see a message showing the dungeon name, the suggested level range, and how often it resets.

Dungeons vary in size, difficulty, and the level range players attempting to best the dungeon are suggested to have. The dungeons currently available for playing are:

Name Short Name Suggested Players Suggested Level Location
The Abandoned Burrow AB 1-3 3-5 West of Saliko
East Caves / Deep Mines EC 2-3 8-10 East of Saliko
Hollow Tree* HT 3-5 13-15 North-East of Saliko
Frigus' Lair FL 3-5 19-20 West of Ashaya
The Forlorn Manor FM 3-5 20-22 West of Ashaya
Battle for Ashaya* BFA 3-5 24-25 Ashaya Village
Cultist Prison Prison 1-5 28-30 East of Argan Village
Twigmoss Burrow RF / Ragefang 3-5 28-30 East of Argan Village
The Moonlight Monastery* Mona 3-5 29-31 East of Argan Village
Space Station SS 4-5 32-34 Sub-dungeon inside the Moonlight Monastery
The Curse of Jack's Farm Farm 3-5 29-33 Inside Jack's Farmhouse in Saliko
Everchange Hideout Danae 3-5 30-34 In an alcove at the bottom of the Everchange Caverns. Seasonal dungeon that is only active during Valentine's.
Silt Cave -- 1-5 32-35 The cave just after crossing the Great Abyss.
The Crystal Crypt Crypt 3-5 36-39 South-east of Frostspike Nest just before entering "Cave to Midnight Mountain" in Ashaya
The Blackwood Depths* Depths 3-5 39-40 South-west tunnel in Blackwood Caverns. There is a side entrance giving access to just the Treasure Cave East of the Moonlight Well. Gaining access in that way is the objective of a trophy.
Treasure Cave TC 3-5 39-40 Sub-dungeon within the Lower Depths of the Blackwood Depths. Can be alternatively accessed via the side entrance leading to an elevator shaft.
  • Dungeons marked with * indicate that guardian stones can be acquired as a result of defeating the bosses within the dungeon itself.

In contrast to normal game-play, dungeons have several unique mechanics:

  • Combat-Related Limits
    • Dungeons are always instanced, so separate groups get their dungeons, and their bosses to defeat.
    • You can not switch between maps inside a dungeon while you are in combat. You can, however, still exit the dungeon through its exit portal.
    • During a boss battle, the map the battle takes place on is locked, so you cannot enter or exit it until either the boss or your group is defeated[1].
    • Revives during boss battles are limited, based on how many players participate in the battle. A group with three (or less) players is limited to one revive per battle (for example, if another player uses a Potion of Life, or a priest uses their revive spell on you). Each additional player increases the number of available revives by one. This counter is reset after the boss battle ends.
  • Player Limits
    • Dungeons have a limit of how many players can be inside them at the same time. Commonly, that limit is set to five. This limit is per group, so two groups of five players can be in separate instances of the Hollow Tree at the same time.
    • Bosses are scaled to the number of players present in the map. This affects how much health the boss has, as well as some of the spells they use[2]. If a group of five players is engaging a boss, that boss will have more health points as if it were engaged by a group of three players.
    • Because of the above, it is generally not possibly to defeat a boss with brute force by just adding more and more players.
    • Most dungeons[3] are designed for at least three players. If a group of two players engages the boss, its health will be the same as if three players engaged it.
  • Binding
    • Bosses that are defeated remain so until the dungeon resets, which commonly happens after 20 hours.
    • If you defeat a boss in a dungeon, you are bound to that dungeon until it resets.
  • Player Level Adjustment
    • If a group of very different levels enters a dungeon, the levels of the entire groups are adjusted (down), based on the lowest level group member in the dungeon.

  1. You are able to respawn after being knocked out in a boss battle, and leave the map that way, however in doing so you forfeit any loot should the boss still die, and you will be unable to re-enter the map until the boss or the group is defeated.
  2. For example, the damage from the frost aura of Frostbite is reduced if more players are participating in the fight, however since all players are being damaged, the total damage dealt remains the same.
  3. The Hollow Tree can be cleared by a group of two players, but is difficult to, at the appropriate level. The quest part of the Cultist Prison can be cleared by a single player.