Guardian Stone

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Guardian Stones are an important achievement in the game, allowing you to permanently acquire stat bonuses, effects (which may or may not have a cooldown attached) and more importantly, allow you to receive the full amount of experience from both quests and monsters alike at a certain level. All guardian stone effects can stack with each other.

Players can acquire guardian stones as a result of defeating specific major dungeons (complex dungeons with multiple maps and bosses). For the first two guardian stones, the mayor of the villages will eventually have a quest labeled [Important] that stress the importance of getting these stones. Later on, the other two guardian stones are acquired as quests transition into the appropriate dungeons. Accomplishing these dungeons are no easy feat, as first-time players of any dungeon will be forced to scale and must seek help from other players.

Once a player has completed a respective dungeon, there may be a number of splinters dropped depending on the boss. These splinters take longer to disappear and are used to create a guardian stone. You need 3 splinters in order to form a guardian stone. After using the splinters to form, they can be accessed via the Gems tab in-game (Game > Community > Gems). You can also tell if you already have the stone by putting the cursor over your character (beside your level and class is a series of tiny gem icons).

To activate a guardian stone's effect, double-click on the guardian stone's icon (in the Gems tab).

Name Guardian Stone Splinters used Stat Bonuses 100% EXP Bonus (above Lv. x) Other Effects
Hollow Tree Guardian Stone of Earth Jade Guardian Stone Splinter +75 Max HP, +50 Max MP, +5 Fury Level 15 Blessing of Freya: +5 all stats for 40 seconds (10 min CD)
Battle for Ashaya Guardian Stone of Ice Icy Guardian Stone Splinter +110 Max HP, +75 Max MP, +5 Fury Level 25 Passive effect: Your Vials of Enchanted Water now bless your armour with the "Water 2" element.
The Moonlight Monastery Guardian Stone of Time Timeless Guardian Stone Splinter +150 Max HP, +115 Max MP, +5 Fury Level 32 Guardian Stone of Time: -5% Earth and Dark damage taken for 90 seconds (10 min CD)
The Blackwood Depths Guardian Stone of Life Lifebound Guardian Stone Splinter +200 Max HP, +175 Max MP, +5 Fury Level 39 Gift of Life: Revive target once at 5% health if they faint in the next 30 minutes (30 min CD). Only one Gift of Life can be active at in your party at a time. Cannot be used on yourself, nor in PvP.


  • If you already acquired a guardian stone as the dungeon that you received it from, the splinters can drop again. If you proceed to pick it up, and use the splinters, it will actually do nothing (other than repeat a message saying that you acquired the guardian stone). You can discard it, but you require to type in DESTROY in order to get rid of it from your inventory.
  • Gift of Life is not removed when you change skill sets. It ignores level scaling, meaning that it can still be used while scaled below level 39. Normal revive conditions still apply in boss fights (if you are revived through Gift of Life in a boss fight, the revive counter is still reduced by 1).
    • Unlike Revive where you are revived onto the healer's location, Gift of Life revives you on the spot you were knocked out from. Be careful, as players often revive at the worst times during a boss encounter (such as reviving onto a poison AoE that just knocks you out because you have low health).