Skill Set

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A skill set (or skill build) is a saved layout of skills that players begin with. Whatever set of choices you make in assigning your skill points, becomes your skill set.

Each class depends on a certain amount of skill sets in order to make themselves adaptable for all kinds of situations. For example, a priest requires a skill set that is dedicated for healing, and a skill set for damage dealing. Without multiple skill sets, a class cannot adapt for certain situations, forcing them to waste valuable time having to reset their skills.

By obtaining a class stone, one can increase their number of skill sets in their possession, but are limited to that respective class that they bought it for. For instance, if you had 2 skill sets for a Mage and you used a class stone for a Priest, that person would have 2 mage skill sets and 1 priest skill set. If you wanted to buy skill sets for a Priest, you would have to switch your class from a Mage to a Priest first.

Cost of Acquiring a Skill Set

All players start with 1 skill set, in which they can obtain more by talking to Rhizel in Argan River II, located in Argan Jungle. They can obtain three more skill sets they can obtain from Rhizel, to a total of 4 unique skill sets per class. The price of purchasing a skill set depends on how many skill sets you already have for that class (a warrior with 2 skill sets is charged 125 gold if they want a third skill set).

  • 2nd skill set: 25 gold
  • 3rd skill set: 125 gold
  • 4th skill set: 300 gold


  • When you only have one skill set, a button on the bottom-right corner of your skillbook will not show up. By having two skill sets, a button will appear, but will automatically begin switching to your other set. More than two skill sets result in a list of skill sets appearing.
    • You can only rename your skill sets after acquiring three or more of them.