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The skillbook or Skill Window, where skills for your class are stored. You can only see skills that are available for your specific class. This can be found in the Status Window located bottom left of the screen next to the "Equip" tab with the little brown book on it, or pressing the 'K' key by default.

General Information

When you open this tab, it shows you a "General" tab which holds your default skills like Auto-Attack, Alchemy, Cooking, and Analyse. It also includes the controls for your pets like Call Pet, Revive Pet, Pet: 'Attack', Pet: 'Follow Me', and Pet: 'Stay Here'.

The next tab over holds all of your skills that are unique for your class. Up in the right hand corner, there is a counter for your total number of skill points that are available. As you level up, this counter will go up by one. You can spend these points on skills of your class to increase power and advantages.

Some skills may be unavailable to you if you are not leveled enough or you need another skill first before you can obtain that specific one.

Purposefully Lowering the Level of Your Skills

Any non-passive skill whose skill level is above 1 can be lowered temporarily by using the tiny arrows when hovering over a skill in your skillbook. To lower it, press the back arrow (<). Once lowered, the skill's level will show in red, additionally allowing you to view the strength of the skill from previous levels. To return the skill back to it's original level, press the forward arrow (>) until the skill's level no longer shows up red.

Note that when you use the skill, it's effect won't be lowered when using it from the hotkey unless you add the same skill into your hotkey (at a different skill level). You will see the weaker effect when double-clicking on it from the skillbook. Therefore, when you learn skills, you also learn the weaker levels of the same skill as well, and can use them at any time.

For instance, assume that I put Revitalise level 2 (heals for 39-42 health over 12 seconds) on the '3' key.

  • If I lower Revitalise from my skillbook to level 1 (21-24 health over 12 seconds), I am still using Revitalise level 2 when I'm using the '3' key.
  • If I double-click the skill directly from my skillbook, it ends up using Revitalise level 1.
  • I can also put Revitalise level 1 on the '4' key if I wanted to, and if I press the '4' key, it'll end up using Revitalise level 1. Now I can use both level 1 and level 2 Revitalise.

BE CAREFUL THOUGH. If you take off your skill from your hotkey, put it back on another key, and forget to change the skill back to it's original level, you'll end up forgetting that you're using the weaker version of the skill in monster/boss fights. For Priests and Mages, the skills scale their mana cost to the character's level, not the level of the skill (meaning you're being charged the same amount of mana to use a skill at skill level 1 as you would've used it at skill level 7).

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  • A Skill Set expands your skillbook by allowing you to have multiple builds for the same class. You can unlock sets by purchasing them for gold from Rhizel in Argan River. However, you need to use the button located at the bottom-right of your skill book to switch builds.