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Adept in the art of physical combat, brave feral Warriors excel in offensive and defensive tactics. Their rigorous training, and fierce dedication to protecting their cause have given them strength and tenacity not found anywhere else. With strength of both heart and body, warriors fight to protect what they believe in, and stand up for their trusted allies.

While sharing the spotlight of being a physical damage class along Hunters, Warriors specialize in non-elemental close-ranged fighting. The class' unique resource of Fury let's them charge up with melee strikes before comboing with advanced attacks. Such skills revolve around immobilizing running opponents then unleashing full-on brute force. As such, the effective Warrior has the highest physical strength stat of any other class.

Through utilization of armor and skills, warriors may choose to fight offensively or defensively. At their core, offensive Warriors focus on damage dealing yet sacrifice health, whereas defensive warriors focus on defending and withstanding damage, but lose out on damage. Yet, a strategical warrior will utilize both offensive & defensive skills and armor to adapt to optimize their efficiency within a party. Rarely will you see a successful warrior with skills from only one of the two paths.

General Gameplay

See Warrior tanking tactics for details.

Combative Tactics

Offensive warriors spend most their points into the combat skill trees, yet often keep the defensive skills Smite, Bash, and Charge as well.

Primary Skills

Name Description
Auto-Attack Also under general skills, auto-attacking is very important to a Warrior. Warriors rely on almost half of their damage dealt on auto-attacking an enemy to build Fury in order to use their abilities, such as Bite.
Bite Bite is a basic neutral damage dealing skill. When used against an enemy, you gain a damage stack, which can be accumulated to five stacks, lasting 20 seconds. This is helpful for raising the overall damage of your abilities, and is used for that reason at higher levels.
Slash Slash is a damage over time skill lasting 12 seconds. It's damage becomes more potent at higher levels, making it an effective ability for a hit and run strategy to finish off the monster slowly, or dealing additional damage alongside other skills.
Thrash Thrash allows you to inflict double of your damage along with bonuses to an enemy, inflicting deadly damage in one blow. Expensive to use, but is typically used in a rotation of skills to inflict high damage. Can also be used as a finisher to end monsters quickly.
Overpower Overpower causes your target to become more vulnerable to damage, slowing them down and giving you a surge of damage all in a couple of seconds. Has a lengthy cooldown, but can boost your damage tremendously against that target for a brief period of time.
Swipe Swipe inflicts damage to all nearby targets around you. Useful for dealing with several weaker monsters all at once, instead of having to engage each of them one by one.
Focused Strike Focused Strike causes you to attack the target, while sharply increasing your own critical rate for a brief period of time. This allows you to inflict critical strikes more frequently, thus increasing damage dealt over time.
Pounce Pounce causes your character to jump to a targeted location that they could not normally reach, such as a platform that is a bit higher than what you could reach with a regular jump. Upon landing on the location successfully, all nearby enemies will be stunned for half a second.

Passive Buffs

Name Description
Adrenaline Rush Gives you fury, at the cost of slightly reduced defense. This is a great skill especially at the beginning of a battle, where you do not have any fury (and thus cannot use most of your abilities). Even within battles, Adrenaline Rush can push you just over the fury cost of an important spell that you need to use right now - such as Smite (to interrupt some spell of doom a boss costs), or Thrash (for extra burst damage).
Natural Fighter This ability gives you the "Grace" buff every time you land a critical hit. Since Grace halves the fury cost of your next ability, it is best used on expensive, high-damage abilities such as Thrash.

Active Buffs

Name Description
Battle Stance Battle Stance offers increased fury gain through your attacks, increased damage and less hate generated at the cost of taking more damage. Offered as an early skill in the game that can be learned by purchasing the scroll in Eric's shop.
Battle Cry Provides you and nearby allies with two buffs; a stamina buff that raises health for five minutes, and a damage buff that raises attack and magic for twenty seconds. Also, regenerates some of your fury for free.

Defensive Techniques

Defensive warriors spend most of their skill points into the defensive skill tree, yet often have the offensive Bite (due to Improved Bite) in addition to Auto-Attack.

Stamina, Armor, Agility and Strength (with some Dexterity) are good stats for defensive warriors. Stamina increases the amount of health they have, allowing them to withstand damage. Armor reduces the amount of damage you take from physical attacks (but not magic spells). Agility increases how often they dodge attacks, and reduces the chance that they will be critically hit - which in essence causes them to lose health less quickly. All the secondary stats (such as Agility and Armor) are just as important as having a lot of health - having 5,000 health points does not help if the warrior loses health faster than a priest can heal.

Strength lets you deal some damage yourself, which helps keeping the monsters' attention. Dexterity ensures your own attack connect, which is important as the interrupt spells (Smite and Bash) that can miss just like any other physical attack, and have no effect.

Primary Skills

Name Description
Taunt Taunt allows you to forcefully draw the monster's attention from another ally to you for five seconds.
Growl Growl is needed when multiple monsters are attacking your allies instead of you. It draws away attention from nearby monsters attacking your allies, then turns their attention to you. It also slightly reduces their attack.
Bash Bash causes a target to be stunned for a couple of seconds, also interrupting their currently cast ability. Due to it's ability to interrupt, it is a necessary skill for all Warrior builds.
Smite Smite interrupts a target's currently cast spell or ability, putting them out of commission from using it again for a couple of seconds. All Warriors rely on this ability to prevent an enemy skill that magic classes such as Mages are incapable of disrupting against.
Shattering Strike Shattering Strike is an important skill to Warriors - namely because of it's high hate generation to ensure that damage dealers won't steal the monster's attention away from you. It also causes allies to deal slightly more damage against them.

Passive Buffs

Name Description
Toughness Toughness increases your health, letting you survive bigger hits. Even though health is not everything, having a large health pool gives your healer a bit more time if they're in a tight spot (such as multiple group members being low on health). In addition, it decreases the chance that you will be critically hit - which is important especially in dungeons, when bosses deal a substantial amount of damage. Since critical hits pierce armor and quickly drain your health, building some resistance against them (with Toughness and Agility) is very important.
Improved Bite Improved Bite is very helpful to tanks - not only does it help keeping the monsters focused on you, it also heals slightly every time you use bite. This makes it easier for your healer to heal you - especially when you time your bites so that they recover your health after you just took a big chunk of damage.

Active Buffs

Name Description
Defensive Stance Defensive Stance offers increased fury gain from being hit by a monster, less damage taken and increased hate generation at the expense of damage. Offered as an early skill in the game that can be learned by purchasing the scroll in Eric's shop.
Burning Determination Burning Determination raises your maximum health slightly, cuts all damage taken in half and increases the amount at which you are healed for - all in the span of several seconds. This buff is required when your healer is in trouble and you fall below half of your health, while a monster is capable of finishing you off in your current condition. Use only as a last resort or a counter against high concentrations of damage taken.
Endurance Endurance sharply raises your armor and magic armor values, taking less damage from primarily magic spells. Use as a countermeasure against enemy AoE spells, or a barrage of enemy spells.
Spell Reflect Spell Reflect is a special skill for warriors, allowing them to reflect a deadly spell back at the caster themselves. It is used mainly to counter special spells, however it cannot work against certain skills.
Unyielding Rage Unyielding Rage restores your health, at the cost of fury over time. Use in case of emergency in a situation when your healer is unable to heal you, while you have taken significant damage but is able to maintain high amounts of fury.
Divine Plea Divine Plea is an ability that allows you or an ally to be immune to all damage for several seconds, however the person affected is unable to act for the duration of the skill. With a very high cooldown, it is rarely used until a situation arises where you or an ally is unable to survive an attack.
Deflect Deflect allows you to mitigate half of the damage that you would've taken with a physical attack in front against you for the next five seconds after this ability is used. Very useful, and versatile when dealing with dangerous attacks from the enemy.

Additional Notes

  • Pairing warriors along with priests are important to overcoming many of the more challenging dungeons: the warrior makes sure that the bulk of all monsters' damage is focused on them, while the priest uses healing spells to keep everyone alive.

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