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Agile, precise, inconspicuous; such traits define the most cunning of Hunters. To attain mastery of their profession, Hunters must learn to endure unforgiving and inhospitable environments with naught but for a bow. With no one but themselves to rely on, they must take advantage of their surroundings: carve their own arrows out of regional material, disguise hazardous traps, and tame the wild beasts of the land. After all, to a Hunter, nothing is more important than survival.

Hunters are a long-range physical-damage dealing class that uses Endurance as it's skill resource. Using their bows, Hunters swiftly deal high burst damage to its targets, giving it their all until they're exhausted, at which point they must catch their breath to recover Endurance. In addition, their wide arsenal of elemental arrows, traps, and pets add even more so to the class' versatility.

While Hunters have both close-combat and ranged-combat abilities at their disposal, Hunters are most effective with their bows. Their close-combat attack skills become less effective at higher levels, and pale in comparison to the flexibility of a Warrior. Due to the limit of skill points, archery, trappery, pet training, and supportive close-combat skills are the Hunter's way to go.

General Gameplay

See Hunter battle tactics for details.


The main set of skills that a Hunter relies on to deal damage with their bows. A variety of skills, from increasing proficiency with the use of a bow, to the diverse arrow styles are listed here:

Primary Skills

Name Description
Focused Shot An important bread and butter skill that inflicts decent damage, consumes no Endurance and allows you to restore Endurance all at once. Used in tandem with Double Strafe and other skills for damage consistency.
Double Strafe A skill that inflicts two hits of major damage to the enemy. Has a short cooldown to compensate, though.
Sharp Shot Fires a shot slightly stronger than your regular attack, causing the enemy to be knocked back by a short distance. Use to keep enemies away from you.
Disrupting Shot A delayed shot that interrupts an enemy's ability and prevents them from using similar abilities for a few seconds. Weak, but versatile.
Siphoning Shot An expensive draining shot that allows you to restore a moderate amount of health instantly, and slightly over time. A necessary skill for survival.

AoE Skills

Name Description
Arrow Shower Arrow Shower consumes only one arrow, but attacks multiple targets nearby each other. Deals only 40% of your regular attack, but has additional damage to make up for it. Use when you are far away but the enemies are all close to each other.
Piercing Shot Piercing Shot deals a high amount of damage against your first target, then decreases as it hits subsequent targets after that. It can only be used when the enemy is on a straight platform, therefore the skill can fail.

Support Skills

Name Description
Arrow Barrage Arrow Barrage is a buff that significantly increases your attacking speed with auto-attacks and certain skills for a short time. Used for increasing the number of skills you can use at a time while the buff is active.
Sharpen Senses Sharpen Senses is a buff that recovers and raises your maximum Endurance for a short time. Useful for when you are running low on Endurance, and/or increasing the number of skills used before the entire gauge is depleted. Has a hefty cooldown to compensate.
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye is a utility buff often used in PvP with practical uses in PvE, increasing the range in which you detect monsters that are stealthed.

Passive Skills

Name Description
Bow Mastery A centralized passive skill that slightly increases the base damage and attacking speed of your ranged skills. At skill Lv. 3, this skill unlocks many of the other needed ranged skills.
Sniping Sniping permanently increases the maximum range at which you can attack enemies afar from as well as accuracy. A vital skill for those who wish to stay in the back of a fight to minimize damage taken.


A mixture of melee skills and utility skills aimed at hiding and helping you keep your distance away from a monster. Perfect for lower levels, but lacking in versatility and damage at higher levels:

Melee Skills

Name Description
Rake A basic melee skill that you begin with as a Hunter. Useful at lower levels, but loses effectiveness at higher levels; in this case you would need to switch to ranged skills as soon as you've unlocked them.
Rip A basic damage over time skill whose damage is increased when used against a target suffering from Rake. Used in combination with Rake, and shares the same usefulness at lower levels. Less effective at higher levels, where it would be replaced by ranged skills.
Enchant Poison A unique skill that consumes a Green Fern, a commonly acquired material in Saliko. Enchants your glove with poison, allowing your melee attacks to inflict poison element instead of neutral, allowing for increased damage. Less effective once abandoned for ranged skills.

Hiding/Movement Skills

Name Description
Camouflage A skill that focuses on staying at one spot all the time, reducing hate generated by your attacks, increases regeneration of Endurance and increases your attack power slightly. Using Shadowstep will not break this skill's effect, however you want yourself to always be in a good spot beforehand.
Sprint A movement skill that raises your walking speed for a short time, allowing you to flee to a better position away from the enemy. Use when the enemy gets too close to you, or while on the move.
Veil of Shadows A skill with practical uses in PvP combat, hiding your character and leaving him/her in a silhouette appearance. Reduces the chances of being detected, but slowly consumes Endurance while limiting regeneration. You can move while this is active, but your speed is reduced and will break upon using another skill.
Shadowstep Shadowstep allows you to travel a short distance, in a similar manner to a Warrior's Charge or a Mage's Skip. Depending on how far you traveled, the cooldown will adjust to it. It is used for evading other player's traps or AoE in PvP combat, and will not break Camouflage.


A whole area of skills by itself, Traps are sometimes just what you need when unsuspecting players run into them in PvP. Focuses on fire and poison style of damage, yielding surprising results:

Trap Skills

Name Description
Tar Trap A trap that poisons the enemy, slowing them down, increasing their damage taken to Fire and deals damage every three seconds for up to 21 seconds. This trap supplements Incinerating Trap and Explosive Trap's damage.
Incinerating Trap A trap that burns the enemy, inflicting fire damage and causing damage over time. Used together with Tar Trap for some serious damage.
Root Trap A trap that binds the enemy in a similar manner to the spell Curse of Roots. At Lv. 6, the trap results in a root with a longer duration and higher health. Useful for ensnaring your opponent into other forms of damage, and has versatility in CH for stopping other players.
Explosive Trap A trap that inflicts heavy fire damage instantly in a large radius, causing monsters in it's blast radius to be knocked back.

Passive Skills

Name Description
Trap Proficiency Trap Proficiency is needed so that you can carry up to two traps at once (at Lv. 2). Otherwise, you can only have one trap out at a time without the skill. Also reduces the time it takes to disarm traps significantly.

Pet Training

A series of pet skills aimed at improving the survivability of your pets, hate generation caused by your pets and their overall damage. Useful for turning your pet into a mini-tank to keep the monsters from chasing you:

Support Skills

Name Description
Heal Pet Heal Pet is a powerful skill that allows you to recover most - if not all of your pet's health in a matter of seconds. A single point into this skill can eliminate the need for healing items for your pet, reduce reliance on the pet's own healing skills and beat out your general Pet skills.
Touch of the Phoenix Touch of the Phoenix can be used to immediately revive your pet out at half or full health after it is knocked out. Much better than the Revive Pet skill, this can also be used to heal your pet when it is out. The cost however is high due to high aggro generation and moderate cooldown attached to it.

Passive Skills

Name Description
Battle Instincts A passive spell that allows your pet to be virtually immune to most of the deadly damage inflicted by AoE or DoT skills by monsters. Also raises your dodge slightly.
Combat Training A passive spell that allows your pet to inflict up to 3.5x more physical damage to compensate for it already being weak, and moderately boosts magic power (including healing spells). Also gives the pet an option to switch to a stance that generates aggro, allowing it to perform like a mini-tank.

General Auto-AttackAlchemyElixir MasteryCookingCraftAnalyseFirst AidMarker
Pet Call PetRevive PetPet: 'Attack'Pet: 'Follow Me'Pet: 'Stay Here'
Extra Abilities Curse of Roots
Combat BiteImproved BiteFocused StrikeSlashSwipeNatural FighterAdrenaline RushThrashBattle CryOverpowerPounce
Defense ToughnessChargeBashSmiteTauntShattering StrikeGrowlBurning DeterminationSpell ReflectUnyielding Rage EnduranceDivine PleaDeflect
Others Battle StanceDefensive Stance
Arcane Mana ShieldHarvest ManaArcane FocusBind ElementalSkipInvisibilityTeleportBind EarthDisrupt MagicArcane MightDispel MagicSteal Magic
Fire Fire BoltEmbersIgniteFire WallInfernal HeatFire Hail
Ice IcicleArctic WindsMana CrystalMana ExplosionIce SpikesMist of IceFrigid SplashIntense ColdPath of FrostBlizzardFlash FreezeFrost Nova
Wind ThunderboltLightning BoltOverchargeLightning RodWind BurstOverload
Earth Earth SpikeSpike TrapRune of PowerHeavy RuneRune of WisdomRune of Warding
Others Grace of Elements
Restoration RevitaliseReviveSerenityElemental WardHealBond of HealingHealing SpringsSong of HarmonySurge of LightDivine ClarityEmerald ShieldHealing WindsGreater Heal
Toxicology Petal RainPoisonPoison DustStirEnvenomNightfallCure PoisonLeeching PoisonUnfaltering Resolve
Light JudgementSpiritual RegenerationExorciseHoly FireNourish
Magic Blessing of SpeedBlessing of FortitudeCurse of SlownessCurse of SilenceProtection of NatureInspiration
Dark Dark PactSpirit StrikeLife TapDark BoltTerrifyTormentEvil LandPossessDrain Health
Close Combat RakeRipEnchant PoisonCamouflageVeil of ShadowsSprintShadowstepHeal PetBattle InstinctsCombat TrainingTouch of the Phoenix
Ranged Combat Double StrafeBow MasteryFocused ShotArrow ShowerSnipingSharp ShotDisrupting ShotPiercing ShotSharpen SensesSiphoning ShotArrow BarrageEagle Eye
Traps Trap ProficiencyTar TrapIncinerating TrapRoot TrapExplosive Trap
Others Arrow Crafting