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Each class has a list of general skills by default; multi-purpose skills not suited for attacking, but utility skills used in crafting from food to potions to bandages as well as furniture. Some of these skills are accumulated over time through the completion of quests and acquiring new recipes and items needed to unlock them.

  • Auto-Attack is a function in the game already acquired at the beginning of your adventure, allowing you to deal melee damage to enemies. An important tool for Warriors as well as Hunters (able to shoot arrows with it), but not so much for Mages and Priests.
  • Pet command skills can be unlocked by obtaining your first pet in the game. The rest of the pet skills will be unlocked once you call the pet.
  • As you scroll down the list of General skills, you will see many different Marker skills. Can only be used in a group as the group leader, but they can help your group focus their attention on a certain monster, or going to/avoiding a certain area.
  • Only Alchemy and Cooking can reach Lv. 2, one through a trophy and the other through a scroll. This gives them a chance to make more food or potions at no further cost.


These are the skills that currently exist as a part of General skills.

General Pet
Auto-Attack Call Pet
Alchemy Revive Pet
Elixir Mastery Pet: 'Attack'
Cooking Pet: 'Follow Me'
Craft Pet: 'Stay Here'
First Aid

General Warrior Mage Priest Hunter