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Skip through space, instantly teleporting you several metres forward, and removing all spells that would bind you to your previous location.

Required Class Mage
Skill Branch Arcane
Available at Level 1
Prerequisites N/A
Range Self
Cooldown 15 seconds

Skill Usage

Skip is a magic based skill that makes a character teleport forward a certain distance. It is available to Mages, in the Arcane skill tree. The cast time for this ability is instant, which protects the user from being disrupted. When used it leaves a blue, transparent image of the user at the location of its use.

It is useful for saving walk time, and it is useful for faking your movement towards monsters and players. Because of it's 15 second cooldown, it is often used alongside sprint.

Blue Gemstone Effect

After skipping, your walking speed is increased by 20% for seven seconds.

In addition, for the duration of Skip: Enhanced, effects such as Curse of Slowness are dispelled and you become temporarily immune to it.


Skip can remove certain binding spells inflicted on you such as webs or roots, but cannot dispel immobilizing spells that cause freeze or sleep. Hazards such as traps or monsters can be avoided with ease.

In addition, Skip can be used in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Evading or significantly reducing Fall Damage, when skip is used a few moments before your character touches the ground from jumping off a large height. This does not work if the ground you are trying to reach is a bottomless pit, as you will not be saved from death regardless.
  • Combining jump with skip (used in mid-air) for greater distance traveled, and can reach certain ledges that would not normally be reached.
  • Assists in the act of kiting monsters, such as Shade of Curly in the Cursed Farm, where one player must kite to draw the attention of the monsters that are being summoned away from the group. If the monsters get too close, Skip is used to keep your distance away from them.
  • Dodging enemy attacks by going behind them, given that the attack hits in the direction of where the monster/boss is facing. In close-timing scenarios, such as the Space Station boss (phase 2 or 3) during Plasma Barrage if executed right by skipping into the middle can avoid the attack completely. Although unnecessary due to stacking priority within groups, Skip can also be used to avoid Pounce and similar skills from players or bosses during the point they rise into the air.


Skill Level Distance
Lv. 1 3 meters
Lv. 2 5.1 meters

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