Skill List

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General Pet Extra Abilities
Auto-Attack Call Pet Curse of Roots
Alchemy Revive Pet
Elixir Mastery Pet: 'Attack'
Cooking Pet: 'Follow Me'
Craft Pet: 'Stay Here'
First Aid


Offense Defense Others
Bite Toughness Battle Stance
Improved Bite Charge Defensive Stance
Focused Strike Bash
Slash Smite
Swipe Taunt
Natural Fighter Shattering Strike
Adrenaline Rush Growl
Thrash Burning Determination
Battle Cry Spell Reflect
Overpower Unyielding Rage
Pounce Endurance
Divine Plea Deflect


Fire Ice Wind Earth Arcane Others
Fire Bolt Icicle Thunderbolt Earth Spike Mana Shield Grace of Elements
Embers Arctic Winds Lightning Bolt Spike Trap Harvest Mana
Ignite Mana Crystal Overcharge Rune of Power Arcane Focus
Fire Wall Mana Explosion Lightning Rod Heavy Rune Bind Elemental
Infernal Heat Ice Spikes Wind Burst Rune of Wisdom Skip
Fire Hail Mist of Ice Overload Rune of Warding Invisibility
Frigid Splash Teleport
Intense Cold Bind Earth
Path of Frost Disrupt Magic
Blizzard Arcane Might
Flash Freeze Dispel Magic
Frost Nova Steal Magic


Restoration Toxicology (Poison) Toxicology (Light) Magic Dark
Revitalise Petal Rain Judgement Blessing of Speed Dark Pact
Revive Poison Spiritual Regeneration Blessing of Fortitude Spirit Strike
Serenity Poison Dust Exorcise Curse of Slowness Life Tap
Elemental Ward Stir Holy Fire Curse of Silence Dark Bolt
Heal Envenom Nourish Protection of Nature Terrify
Bond of Healing Nightfall Inspiration Torment
Healing Springs Cure Poison Evil Land
Song of Harmony Leeching Poison Possess
Surge of Light Unfaltering Resolve Drain Health
Divine Clarity
Emerald Shield
Healing Winds
Greater Heal


Close Combat Ranged Combat Traps Others
Rake Double Strafe Trap Proficiency Arrow Crafting
Rip Bow Mastery Tar Trap
Enchant Poison Focused Shot Incinerating Trap
Camouflage Arrow Shower Root Trap
Veil of Shadows Sniping Explosive Trap
Sprint Sharp Shot
Shadowstep Disrupting Shot
Heal Pet Piercing Shot
Battle Instincts Sharpen Senses
Combat Training Siphoning Shot
Touch of the Phoenix Arrow Barrage
Eagle Eye