Emerald Shield

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Instantly shields the target to absorb damage. A target may only be shielded once every 30 seconds. Use as an emergency spell, to prevent damage to your target for a short time while you cast another healing spell.

Required Class Priest
Skill Branch Restoration
Available at Level 10
Prerequisites Quest: Blessings of Nature
Range Self/Allies, 4 meters
Cooldown 1 second

Skill Usage

Emerald shield.jpg

Emerald Shield is a spell that allows priests to shield targets from damage. Being a shield effect, Emerald Shield absorbs the damage: any attacks that are completely absorbed that way will show up as "Absorb" on the shielded target, and have no effect. Once the Emerald Shield is exhausted, it disappears. Any target can only be shielded by Emerald Shield once every thirty seconds.

The amount of damage that your shield absorbs depends on your magic. In addition, each level of Emerald Shield gives a substantial bonus to how much damage it can withstand before dissipating.

Obtaining Emerald Shield

Emerald Shield cannot be learned through the skill book, but instead has to be acquired through a chain of quests. Because of that, level 1 Emerald Shield requires no skill points to learn. Once a priest has learned Emerald Shield, they can use their skill points to upgrade it further.

The quest chain begins with the quest "Stage Fright", at Luca (near Erik, in Saliko Village). Continue with the quest, until Alexandra (also in Saliko Village) offers you "The Monsters of Saliko Village" (the follow-up quest of that teaches your character the "Analyse" ability). After completing this quest, talk to Luca again, and accept "A Bouquet". Continuing that quest chain will eventually lead you to the East Caves and the Hollow Tree to obtain various charms that Akia can use to teach you Emerald Shield.


  • Since Emerald Shield is instantaneous, it makes for a good emergency spell if one of your group members would get knocked out before you are able to cast an actual health restoring spell (such as Heal). However, its high mana cost means that it will drain you of your mana very quickly if used thoughtlessly.
  • Emerald Shield can be used to protect against abilities whose effect depends on whether the attack connects. For example, Bash and Smite will have no effect if their damage is completely absorbed through a shield effect.
  • Emerald Shield can be used to "extend" your target's health. For example, a priest with full health and an emerald shield can withstand an attack that would normally have knocked them out in one hit.
  • The Charm of Ancient Protection adds a substantial heal to Emerald Shield, giving priests an instant health recovering effect (restoring 75% of the shield's total absorb amount as health) once every 30 seconds per allied target.
  • With both Emerald Leaf and Living Emerald, Emerald Leaf's set effect is activated, making Emerald Shield absorb 15% more damage.
  • The Timid Spirit Bottle (for helmets or hats) allows non-Priest classes to be able to use Emerald Shield Lv. 1 (Lv. 3 if your base strength is 40 or above).


Skill Level Minimum Lv. Required Restoration Pts. Required Damage Absorbed
Lv. 1 10 -- 115-118
Lv. 2 20 10 194-198
Lv. 3 25 15 310-316
Lv. 4 30 20 496-505
Lv. 5 35 30 793-809
Lv. 6 40 40 1110-1132


  • v.7.70: Added skill level 6. Skill level 5 now requires 30 Restoration points to be unlocked (up from 25).

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