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The 'Revive' spell is an ability exclusive to priests that can be learned early in the game. It requires the priest to first learn Revitalise Level 3 and have 5 points in any Restoration Skills. The maximum level for this skill is three and it has a 7 second cast time, but will be interrupted by any damage.

Required Class Priest
Skill Branch Restoration
Available at Level 1
Prerequisites Revitalise Lv. 3
Range Allies, 4 meters
Cooldown 1 second

Skill Usage

Using Revive is the only way to bring a knocked out player back to life, however the long casting time in which the caster must not receive any damage can be difficult in many fights. Upon accepting the revive, the knocked out player is appears at the position the revive spell has been cast from, with some of their health and mana restored (note that the percentages are absolute values, so getting a level 1 revive with 12% mana will only restore 3%, bringing the total to 15%. If you had more than 15% mana, nothing is restored, and your old mana is kept).

If the revive spell succeeds (the cast is interrupted by any damage, and dark element characters cannot be revived), the target is given the option to accept the revive. If they do, they are placed wherever the adventurer casting the revive was, with part of their health and mana restored.

In addition, they can choose to respawn, in which case the server attempts to find a nearby safe map, and places them there. If you log off while knocked out, you are respawned with one health point.

Blue Gemstone Effect

Revives everyone in a large radius around your target.

When used on a single ally, all other allies that have been knocked out will be revived at the same time. This does not bypass the revive limit during boss encounters.

Revives during Boss Encounters

During boss encounters, the number of revives are limited. With a three player group, you can use one revive. Each additional player increases the number of revives you have available by one. Revives are only counted once they are accepted - someone receiving a revive could, therefore, choose not to accept it (by simply leaving the prompt open, or returning to a safe spot), which will not count against the number of revives you used.

Once all revives are used up, you can still cast revive on knocked out players, however they will not be able to accept it until the encounter ended (the boss resets or is defeated).


  • Potions of Life can be bought from Alyshia in Saliko Village for five Tokens of Bravery, and from Rose in Saliko Forest, for several gold. If used, they let you cast Revive at level 1. Note that the potion is consumed at the beginning of the cast. If you receive damage before the cast is finished, the potion is wasted.
  • Revive used to be able to cast on undead hostile targets, dealing defence-piercing light element damage, with has a low chance of instantly killing them. This effect no longer exists.
  • The mana cost of Revive has now been scaled down to Revive's skill level, reducing the cost to less than 50 mana at level 1. It is 2.5 times as expensive at level 2, but 10 times more expensive at level 3.
  • Charm of Life applies an additional effect, placing a shield dependent to the skill's level on the ally that has been knocked out for a short period of time.
  • Healing priests can combine the Revive spell (or a potion) with Divine Clarity, to make it cast instantly. In this case, it cannot be interrupted from damage, and becomes a powerful combination that can turn the tides in PvP and boss battles.
  • Moderators can use a revive command to revive an entire group, even if everyone is knocked out. This is mostly useful during events, however it still has limits:
    • A moderator-revive does not work on PvP maps, or during boss battles.
    • In addition, the first revive a moderator performs puts their command on a 20 second cooldown, which doubles with every revive used, and resets after one day. Because of that, do not demand that moderators revive you - they can only use it a few times, and will often use revive potions if they can, so they do not increase their cooldowns.
    • These restrictions above only apply to the moderator revive command, not normal players, who can use revive spells at any time (and which can easily let you recover during a boss fight in which someone got knocked out).


Skill Level Restoration Pts. Required Health restored upon revive Mana restored upon revive
Lv. 1 5 33% 15%
Lv. 2 -- 50% 22%
Lv. 3 -- 100% 30%

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