Knocked out

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If your health points drop to zero, you are knocked out. You can either wait for another player to revive you (using the Revive spell, or a Potion of Life), or click the "Return to Town" button to respawn from a nearby map.

If you choose to respawn, half of your health points are restored.

While you are knocked out, you do not gain any experience from monsters that other players of your group defeat, however you are still eligible for any items that drop.


  • You do not lose any items by getting knocked out. However, if you choose to respawn and have to return to where you were before, some of the monsters you defeated may have been replaced with fresh reinforcements, and you may have to fight them again.
  • If you are fighting a boss, it is a good idea to not respawn until either the boss, or your entire group has been defeated. You cannot re-enter the part of the dungeon with the boss while your group is still fighting anyway, and if the boss is defeated while you are not on the map, you will not be able to pick up any of the items it drops. It doesn't matter if the group waits for you with picking them up - you won't see the loot if you weren't on the map when the boss was defeated. In addition, you never know if someone finds the time to toss you a revive.
  • If you are knocked out on a PvP map, you automatically respawn after ten seconds (however you can respawn earlier if you want). If your group has no dedicated healer, additional health points will be restored when you respawn (up to 100%).