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(To refer to the spell that moves the user forward by several metres instantly, see Skip instead.)

Teleport to the closest village you have been to, or one of the locations you used Bind Earth on.

Required Class Mage
Skill Branch Arcane
Available at Level 15
Prerequisites Skip Lv. 1
Range Self
Cooldown 1 minute and 30 seconds

Skill Usage

Teleportation refers to the ability to instantly return to a previously visited location.

Several monsters have access to the teleport spell (such as the Bloodfang Scavenger, or Jak o' Pumpkin). Note that teleport is not necessarily confined to map boundaries - a monster that teleports can end up in a different map by teleporting.

Blue Gemstone Effect

Creates a warp portal, which your group can enter as well.

Transforms Teleport into Warp Portal, creating an actual temporary one-way portal on the spot that you have casted the skill on. In order for the skill to work, you must select a valid location to place the portal (in the same way an AoE is placed) or else the effect will go to waste. Note that the person whom created the warp portal has to be the last one entering through (once the creator enters through, the portal will disappear).


Adventurers can learn similar abilities for revisiting places:

  • Mages can learn bind earth (which lets you memorize a location) and Teleport (which lets you to warp back to a memorized location). They can also learn Warp Portal, which makes a portal to a memorized location that others in their group can enter.
  • Skip, also learned by mages, is a limited teleport spell that teleports you several metres in the direction you're facing. This lets you avoid traps (for example, the poisonous roots on Terechia will not trigger if you skip through them), as well as free yourself from root effects.
  • Some pets (such as the dragon pet awarded by the Argan Dungeon Master trophy) can fly you back to any location you told it to remember. While this is not instant (such as the teleport spell), it is still very quick (and safe), and it's an option available to every class.
  • Finally, any adventurer can get warp scrolls from Alyshia in Saliko Village. These cost several Tokens of Bravery (which are obtained from killing level 10-15 bosses), and let you warp to villages and dungeons. Once you have that scroll and visit new villages, the characters there will enhance your scroll to include any new villages and dungeons. While warp scrolls are not quite as flexible as teleportation or flying (which will put you back exactly on the place you memorized), but it's easy to obtain, and they usually get you very close to where you want to be.

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