Spike Trap

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Deals hits of earth elemental damage to enemies in the targeted area, and slows them down for 6 seconds.

Required Class Mage
Skill Branch Earth
Available at Level 5
Prerequisites Earth Spike Lv. 3
Range 4 meters
Cooldown 1 second

Skill Usage

Spike Trap is the main earth elemental AoE spell of mages, being unique for inflicting the most amount of hits at once. It has a weak base damage than most AoE's however, but has a lower mana cost and a complementary slow effect, that slows down targets by 50% for six seconds.

Spike Trap is commonly used with Earth Spike against targets in a constant loop of being hit and being slowed down to allow room for hit and run tactics.


Spike Trap can benefit from various effects:

  • Using Rune of Power can increase the damage of your earth spells by 10%.
  • Destroying the Rune of Wisdom by overriding it with another rune gives a 5% damage boost to your earth spells for 8 seconds.


Skill Level Minimum Lv. Required Base Damage
Lv. 1 5 1 x 5-6
Lv. 2 13 2 x 8-12
Lv. 3 18 3 x 10-15
Lv. 4 24 4 x 27-34
Lv. 5 30 5 x 49-54
Lv. 6 36 6 x 60-65
Lv. 7 42 7 x 79-83

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