Mana Crystal

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Freezes 25% of your mana in an ice mana crystal, which is charged up by using your ice spells. As long as you have a frozen mana crystal, you can use this ability to regain mana from it again.

Required Class Mage
Skill Branch Ice
Available at Level 27
Prerequisites Icicle Lv. 5
Range N/A
Cooldown 5 seconds
A closer image of the mana crystal icon located at the corner of your screen.

Skill Usage

Mana Crystal is a support skill capable of extending your supply of mana by 25% as a floating mana crystal by consuming your current mana by 25%. This is used for carrying more mana, enabling you to use expensive skills more often and have a staple source of mana retrieval when your current supply is low. Ideally, it is best to use the skill and restore your mana back to full before engaging into monster or boss fights.

Mana Crystal can carry up to 33% of your maximum mana, but by default it takes 25% of your mana and stores it into the crystal when you're using the skill. Pressing the skill again releases a maximum of 25% to be restored as mana again. Skills such as Icicle and Frigid Splash restore a small portion of mana back into the crystal, not directly back to you. Because of this, if your mana crystal contains more than 25% and you use the skill to take 25% out of it, the mana crystal will continue to exist because it is still storing that small portion of mana you have collected (8% or less), allowing your mana crystal to keep collecting mana from your attacking skills.

In short, use your crystal only when it exceeds 25% (indicated by the crystal icon showing the gauge having a break between it). You do not have to be close in order to retrieve the mana out of the crystal.

Mist of Ice can increase the amount at which you recover mana back into the crystal (by using those attacking skills) as long as you stand in it. Mana Crystal can be used with Mana Explosion, exploding the crystal and inflicting all of the mana stored in it as damage to nearby targets.


  • Clicking on your mana crystal reveals a buff attached to it, showing how much mana is present in the crystal currently. This is measured by the gauge on the mana crystal icon (appearing on the side of your screen when you use the skill initially). It is a shortcut to using your mana crystal to restore mana when you click on the icon, without needing to use your key for it.
  • The mana crystal can be destroyed by other players in PvP, causing that player who created it to lose their mana stored into it. Destroying it can prevent a Mana Explosion from being cast. Outside of PvP, the mana crystal is invulnerable and cannot be destroyed by other monsters.


Mana Crystal requires a minimum of 12 points in Ice skills before it can be unlocked.

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