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A slow but cheap heal that recovers the health of your target, and damages Undead. Use this spell when you need to restore health more quickly than what Revitalize can heal.

Required Class Priest
Skill Branch Restoration
Available at Level 2
Prerequisites Revitalise Lv. 1
Range All (only Hostile targets that are Dark, Demon or Undead), 4 meters
Cooldown 1 second

Skill Usage

A staple healing skill for Priests that is used in case of when an ally takes damage more than what Revitalise can cover. One common mistake is to spam Heal on someone that is repeatedly taking unnecessary damage for the group, exhausting the Priest's mana needed to heal the rest of the members. Another mistake is to scrap Revitalize (and Healing Winds) as your healing spells and only spam Heal during a fight, consuming way more mana than you need to and risking your group's chances of survival.

Heal has a slow casting time of 2.5 seconds by default, but restores a large amount of health in one burst, making it useful for emergency situations. Magic can dramatically improve the healing output of a single Heal, especially in combative purposes against Undead targets. Dexterity can slightly reduce the casting time, making it faster to cast and more reliable in tough situations.

In addition, certain skills rely on the current level of Heal in order to calculate how much they will be healing for, such as:

  • Bond of Healing: Splits a certain percentage of Heal so that it can heal you and the target at once.
  • Surge of Light: Recover more health than Heal at a faster casting time at the expense of higher mana consumption.

Blue Gemstone Effect

Only heals for 40% of your usual amount, but affects any ally around your target.

Recovers the health of all nearby allies by 40%. This does not damage any nearby hostile targets.


  • When used against Demons, Undead, and/or dark element targets, Heal will only deal 50% of the damage in the amount that would've been used to recover health as light element damage.
  • The Lost Sprite Spirit Bottle enables the use of Heal at Lv. 1 (Lv.3 when Agility is 20 or higher). It can be somewhat improved by having a high amount of Magic.
  • A similar skill, Pitch Potion, can substitute for a Heal at the amount relative to a potion. Aside from the bat pet, the Sea Shaman Spirit Bottle enables the use of Pitch Potion at Lv. 5.
  • Medic's Hat adds an additional effect to Heal, allowing the chance that it may heal nearby targets in addition to the ally you've healed.
  • Lost Sprite Spirit Bottle (for accessories) allows non-priest classes to use Heal Lv. 1 (Lv. 3 if your base agility is 20 or higher).


Skill Level Minimum Lv. Required Base Total Heal
Lv. 1 2 34-36
Lv. 2 5 58-61
Lv. 3 8 92-96
Lv. 4 12 146-151
Lv. 5 16 231-239
Lv. 6 20 373-382
Lv. 7 24 545-597
Lv. 8 28 752-772
Lv. 9 32 957-982
Lv. 10 36 1209-1240
Lv. 11 39 1604-1646
Lv. 12 44 2085-2100


  • v.7.70: Added skill level 12.

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